Deer Runs Onto Interstate Causing Chain Reaction of Crashes in Wild Video

by TK Sanders

A deer ran onto a busy interstate over the weekend in Ohio, causing a six-car crash, and security cameras caught the entire incident on video. Cleveland 19 News obtained the video via a public records request.

In the video, viewers can just barely see the animal begin running alongside I-90 near Eddy Road in Bratenahl on the right shoulder (left side of the video frame). The deer keeps pace with traffic for a few yards. And then it veers headfirst into a small truck traveling in the middle lane.

Luckily for the deer, the glancing blow sent the animal careening back towards the slower lanes of traffic, where it spun a few times and then hobbled away — alive, but likely injured badly. Unluckily for the driver of the truck, the surprise collision with the deer caused an immediate overcorrection, sending the small truck through three lanes into another car in the far left lane.

The two-car accident, unfortunately, became a six-car pileup because of the left-lane traffic that all tried to slam on their brakes after the initial collision ahead of them. The video shows multiple cars rear-ending each other as the small truck which originally collided with the deer triggered a chain reaction. Thankfully, though, all the cars involved apparently avoided the tractor-trailer semi in the middle lane. The semi did fishtail mightily, though, as a result.

According to Bratenahl police, no drivers suffered life threatening injuries due to the crash; though two drivers did go to the hospital for minor injuries. Immediately following the crash, the video shows multiple good Samaritans exiting their vehicles and running to help. One such driver physically helps an injured driver walk back to his or her car on the right shoulder.

Similar to the Ohio interstate video, deer in neighboring Pennsylvania also disrupted modern life recently

Earlier this spring in York County, Pennsylvania, another wild deer encounter left bystanders in amazement. Shoppers in a parking lot turned their heads as they heard the familiar tap of deer sprinting through the lot. More amazingly, once the four deer passed an entrance to a sporting goods store, two of them tried jumping through the front window of a diner down the street.

Luckily, the diner window absorbed the blow; and the deer did not go flying into the restaurant through shards of broken glass. But someone enjoying a quiet lunch likely felt a fright they didn’t expect.

Like squirrels or birds, deer have become intimately integrated with modern, civilized life — for better or for worse sometimes. The majestic creatures offer a special feeling when seen in the wild; a “right place right time” for onlookers who can’t help but stop and stare for a moment. But they are still wild animals with instincts, and sometimes those instincts make them act in defiance of reason.