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Deer Scares the Absolute Daylights Out of Store Customers After Crashing Through Window: VIDEO

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo By Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

Virginia store customers got a rude awakening when a deer crashed through a window and ran wild through a store.

A security camera caught the small deer busting through Penelope on Tuesday.

UPI reported that on the deer’s grand entrance into the Forest, Va. store. Fortunately, the suburban Lynchburg store got it all on tape. 

“Our Forest Store will be closed for the remainder of the day (March 1, 2022) due to a special visitor this afternoon,” the store’s Facebook post read. “We plan on being open on Wednesday morning.”

Video Shows Deer Entering With Employees, Customers In-Store 

A relative of the Penelope in Forest owners described the scene to a local TV station.

“They were scared to death obviously because they didn’t know what it was because everyone was busy,” Libby Small told WDBJ-TV.

Small praised the actions of three men who got the deer outside. After crashing through the window and running amok in the store, the deer made a beeline to a mirror.

The man took the mirror off the store’s back wall and turned off the lights before luring the animal outside.

One man commented on the TV station’s Facebook page, saying his wife was in the story when everything happened. He added he was glad no one got hurt but said his wife told him the scene was “crazy wild.”

Store Window Boarded Up, But No Other Damage

Besides the broken window, Small said the store has no other damage. No one reported injuries from glass or the deer’s movements.

“We were kinda joking because we’re like, oh, she just wanted a pair of earrings, and she couldn’t open the door herself,” Small told UPI.

The woman also revealed the store owners wanted to find the three men to thank them for getting the deer out of the store.

Moose Gets Into Canada School, Freaks Out Kids

In November, a female Saskatoon moose launched itself through the window of a Canadian school, and kids watched it happen live.

One parent shared photos of the frightened animal on Facebook, while another got videos of the animal

The scared moose got into a first-floor classroom at Sylvia Fedoruk School in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Officials said the estimated 6-foot-tall moose found its way to the school around 5:30 a.m. that day. They figured dogs or other pets drove it there.

Inspector Steve Dobko told the Global News website that it “obviously panicked and went through a glass window” with children in the classroom.

The classroom hosted kids that morning as parents dropped them off before its official start.

One parent, Ashley Young, witnessed the animal leap through the window and even took video of it as it stood shocked. 

Dobko said some students suffered cuts and scrapes from the broken glass, but students and adults went to another safe room in the back of the school to escape the moose.