Deputies Find 15 Snakes in ‘Terrible’ Condition in North Carolina Man’s Home

by Samantha Whidden

Late last week, the Edgecombe Country Sheriff’s office reportedly found a total of 15 snakes in a home located in Tarboro, North Carolina. 

The police department reported that its communication center received an animal welfare check in the area of NC 33 NW near Logsboro Road in Tarboro. Upon arrival, animal services and the sheriff’s detectives located the 15 snakes. It was revealed that 3 of the snakes were over 19 feet long while another one was over 25 feet long. They were all located in the residence. 

The Sheriff’s department did reveal that the snakes’ conditions do appear to be in a terrible state. Fresh State Rescue, which is a Wilmington animal rescue group, is currently caring for the animal.  The department went on to add that charges are pending for the snakes’ owner.

The snake rescue comes just a few months after a venomous zebra cobra was on the loose in Northwest Raleigh. According to WITN, authorities seized a total of 75 snakes from the cobra’s owner. Some or all of them were reportedly venomous. 

At the time, Raleigh City Council member, David Knight, was pushing to ban dangerous snakes in the area. “As a consequence of irresponsible, reckless, and dangerous behavior.” 

Snake Takes Out the Power in Denton, North Carolina

Last month, Duke Energy reported that a snake was responsible for a substation fire. This caused 1,400 customers in Denton, North Carolina, and surrounding areas to lose power. According to Fox affiliate Channel 8, the snake came into contact with equipment at a substation and sparked a fire. 

“This is one of the reasons we are making electric grid improvements in the region,” Duke Energy spokesperson Jeff Brooks stated to Fox 8. “We often think of storms and trees, which are the leading cause of outages. But other items like cars hitting utility poles and snakes and squirrels getting into equipment also cause a number of outages for electric utilities.”

Brooks then added that this is why it is so important that energy companies make improvements to strengthen their electric grid and protect it from a variety of disruptions.

The Denton Fire Department also issued a statement about the situation. “Fire at the Duke Substation has been extinguished, but major repairs will be needed to restore power. Some customers might have power restored by a different substation picking up some of the power grid. Others expect to have power restored well into the evening.” 

A Duke Energy employee previously told WNCN in 2019 that snakes will do anything to get into the substations. Duke Energy reported that snakes are active in the summer so the company typically sees an increase in outages due to snake-related activity. 

“If the animal actually gets in and causes damage that would damage the equipment we would have to replace and make repairs and that could go on for several hours,” another Duke Energy employee observed.