Dog Goes Viral After Losing to Porcupine in Battle, Has Face Covered in Quills

by Jonathan Howard

Dogs are man’s best friends. There is no doubt about that. Even when faced with a wild porcupine they will try their best to fight off an intruder. However, sometimes their love and protection get them in trouble. A dog can be a fearless animal, even when it shouldn’t be. That can cause them to get into pretty nasty situations.

For one dog, the issue in question is the wild porcupines that they keep fighting with. Now if that sounds like a bad time, it looks even worse. While the dog is fine and made it out without any permanent damage, it looks like they had a really rough afternoon at the very least. Watch the video below, but beware, it is a little graphic.

Now, Bentley might have learned his lesson this time, but I am not fully convinced. If this isn’t the first time he has done this, that means he hasn’t learned from the last time. So, he may never learn. It looks like he did his best to take on the wild animal. That includes biting it, apparently, because the dog has a mouth full of quills inside his mouth too. Just not a great position to be in.

Imagine having to remove all of those quills. Good thing that the owner appears to know what they are doing and has some sedative so the dog will be okay. Helping a wounded animal can be a risky activity. There is no telling what might hurt a little too much and then you have a wound as well. However, Bentley looks like a sweet, good boy. Surely he would never bite anything besides a porcupine.

Dog Loses to Porcupine Every Time

Anyone who has known a good dog in their life is truly blessed. There isn’t much better than a loyal and loving dog. Bentley only attacked that porcupine in what he likely thought was self-defense. We all have had a dog that barks at everything or maybe doesn’t listen when it should. That’s the beauty of having a dog.

The video of Bentley with the quills in his face should be used as a PSA for other dogs to mind their business better. It just doesn’t look or sound like a great opponent for a dog. With those long and sharp quills all the way around, the small mammals can flex those quills and stab with them. While they can’t shoot their quills as some believe, it doesn’t take much for the barbs to come out. That is very clear by the look of Bentley’s poor face.

So, if you live near porcupines and have dogs, talk to them about fighting these animals. It is just not going to be a good result. Likely, you will have to take your dog to a vet and they will have a lot of new piercings to fill in afterward.