Dolphin Rescued from Louisiana Canal After Becoming Trapped By Hurricane Ida

by Shelby Scott

It’s not every day you find a dolphin in your local drainage canal. However, that’s exactly what happened when locals found a bottlenose dolphin trapped in a Slidell, Louisiana drainage canal. The entrapment occurred following Hurricane Ida. The dolphin is now safe, thanks to the trending Operation Free Flipper. However, officials believe the animal became stuck once Hurricane Ida moved on.

According to WBRZ, officials assume the dolphin was trapped in the inland canal after it was pushed through an estuary during the storm. Following this, the rescue operation took place on September 5th, through the inspiring efforts of several organizations and agencies.

The outlet states about a dozen people used nets to corral the dolphin. They then carried it to a vehicle with a holding tank. Rescue efforts are pictured below.

Prior to the animal’s release, the group brought the dolphin to a team of veterinarians. The veterinarians determined that it was healthy and able to relocate back to the ocean. The rescue team then received a police escort to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Further, the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies stated the dolphin had a satellite tag attached to it prior to its release to track its movement. At the time of the article’s publication, the dolphin was spotted in Waveland, Mississippi.

Dolphins Come to Humans’ Aid

While the media frequently captures animal rescue teams relocating beached dolphins, among other animals, back to the ocean, they aren’t always the ones in need of help.

Last weekend, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute searched the waters near Castlegregory in County Kerry, Ireland for a missing human. Authorities had found clothing on the beach but no one nearby, inspiring the search. Despite 12 hours of searching the area’s waters, they located no body.

Soon enough, however, the RNLI noticed a group of dolphins, a human head sticking up within the pod. BBC reported the dolphin pod, along with their human companion, were located two and a half miles off Castlegregory beach.

Immediately, RNLI volunteers pulled the individual from the water onto the lifeboat, immediately transporting them to a local hospital.

The news outlet further stated that that particular pod typically hangs out near Moray Firth, Scotland. However, since 2019, they make occasional appearances off the coast of Ireland.

Large School of Salmon Make for a Buffet

After all that rescuing, we’re sure the heroic pod of dolphins were just as hungry as the rescue boat volunteers were. A recent clip captured a pod of dolphins scattering a huge school of salmon in some bright blue waters and the footage could not be more incredible.

A narrator behind the camera narrates the dolphins’ approach, frequently encouraging the large school, “Run, salmon, run!”

Suddenly, a small group of about three dolphins slams into the large school of fish, a black cloud amid the area’s bright blue waters. Immediately, the larger animals bob and weave among the fish, doing their best to capture lunch as the salmon quite literally run for their lives.

Later in the clip, the narrator points out a tiny dolphin calf accompanying its mother on the hunt. “Go little fella,” he sweetly encourages the tiny creature.