Dozens of Bald Eagles Photographed Perched Together in Viral Pictures

by Amanda Glover

In Red Wing, Minnesota, resident Tim Alms captures a picture of dozens of bald eagles perched in a tree together. And now, the photos continue to go viral. However, this is a common sight in the Mississippi River Valley during the winter season.

Here in Georgia, we’re surprised to see one eagle swooping through the sky or perched on our roofs. Watching 30 of them sit in one tree is likely pretty scary to us. It sounds like Alms found himself pretty shocked to see that many bald eagles in one tree as well.

“The number of them sitting in one tree, I think a lot of people had never seen that before,” Alms said. 

Every year around this time, photographers and bird watchers swarm Colvill Park in Red Wing to see the dozens of eagles that hunt and relax there. A nearby power plant spills recycled water into the Mississippi River, which keeps the water warm. The warm water attracts eagles from Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin as they search for a food source in the wintertime.

 Ed Hahn from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha stated that eagles gather together because “it’s like going to the good buffet in town.”

He also says the eagles don’t plan to gather along the Mississippi valley for long. Once the weather starts warming up and Spring officially arrives, they begin flying back north. He also says that over the next few weeks, most of the eagles in the area disappear around this time and won’t return until next winter.

According to Hahn, seeing eagles in such large numbers is something pretty new in North America since eagles were on the endangered species list for some time.

National Save the Eagles Day: Several Species Face Extinction as Bald Eagles Resurge

Bald Eagles might be temporarily taking over Red Wing’s Colvill Park, but harpy eagle as well as dozens of other eagle species remain endangered. Therefore, we celebrate National Save the Eagles Day!

Every January 10, the U.S. celebrates National Save the Eagles Day to raise awareness for endangered species most in need of assistance. Conservationists across the country come together to appreciate all efforts made by one another. But as more time passes, the efforts become more important.

Aside from bald eagles, several other eagle species range from threatened to endangered. Some of this is due to habitat loss, poaching, pesticides, and rodent poisons.

Sadly, eagle habitats continue disappearing nearly every day. However, bald eagles have become one of the country’s greatest conservation success stories. Back in early 2021, a report came out declaring that bald eagle populations quadrupled since 2009.

“The strong return of this treasured bird reminds us of our nation’s shared resilience and the importance of being responsible stewards of our lands and waters that bind us together,” announced Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.