Drunk Guys Jump on Massive Shark in Footage That Has the Internet Outraged

by Kati Michelle

The phrase “hold my beer” is often followed by some kind of tomfoolery. Sometimes a hospital trip ensues shortly thereafter as well. I mean the stories are plentiful. There was that drunk kayaker that got banned from Yellowstone not too long ago. Also making headlines recently, drunk buffalo? And what about all of the Minnesotan drunk squirrels? It’s hard to guess what headlines will see next, but the time for a drunk shark story is here.

No, the shark was not drunk, though that would be a sight to see for sure. Instead, the shark’s assailants were. The Sun shared footage of the absurd situation across their social media platforms and people had a lot to say.

The Internet is Closing Its ‘Jaws’ on the Matter

The video opens with a group of buds enjoying their time on a boat together. The shark in question swims right up to the boat without fear and it is massive. Expletives fill the video’s audio between laughs from the rowdy group. What compels two of the friends to immediately then jump in the water with the predator is a little unclear. Though, the alcohol probably didn’t help. There is such a thing as too much “liquid courage” it seems.

The internet reaction absolutely agrees on one thing: this is what bad ideas look like. However, their outlook on why tackling a massive shark while drunk is torn into two categories. Animal activists fall into the first group. They see the stunt as unethical and harmful to the otherwise unprovoked shark. On the other hand, the safety police is rearing its head. They describe the stunt as a “death wish” and highly irresponsible regardless of the influence of alcohol. Being drunk, in their eyes, just adds another layer to the fumble.

The Twitter threads also debate what type of shark actually made an appearance in the video. Some are convinced the massive beast is a replica of its “Jaws” Great White counterpart. More, however, are convinced it’s a harmless basking shark. The two are notoriously confused, but there are differences in fin shape, behavior, and overall demeanor. Basking sharks are thought to be much more docile. Their population is also considered “vulnerable” and decreasing, headed towards an “endangered” status. It’s unclear whether the group of guys faces any sort of legal action from the animal encounter, but messing with a vulnerable species isn’t exactly kosher.

You can catch the incident in full here.

Looking Back at Shark Week 2021

If you missed Discovery’s 33rd annual Shark Week back in July, it’s not too late to get caught up. Every year, Discovery takes a week out of their regular programming to highlight all things sharks: their habitats, behaviors, migration patterns, etc. Every year, they also switch up their partners.

This year, Discovery partnered with Oceana to lead conservation efforts and increase awareness for the dark shark fin trade. Another partner, Beneath the Waves, joined the fight to spearhead ocean policy changes and public education. Their efforts directly aid vulnerable populations of sharks like the basking shark mentioned above.