Duck Dynasty Stars Reveal How They Select ‘The Correct Shotgun Shells’

by Clayton Edwards

No matter what you’re hunting, you’ve got to have the right tools for the job. This includes ammo. You’ve got to make sure that whatever you’re shooting is going to reliably get the job done. Improper ammo could be the difference between success and failure in the field.

If you’re looking for new shotgun shells, the folks at Duck Commander have you covered. In a recent episode of “The Duck Vlog”, John Godwin breaks down what he and the other Duck Dynasty guys are using to bring down the ducks.

What Brand of Shells Do the Duck Dynasty Crew Use?

If there’s one thing you can trust the Duck Dynasty guys on, it’s duck hunting. They know how important their ammo selection is at the end of the day.

They shoot Hevi brand shells. Specifically, they shoot Hevi-Bismuth, Hevi-Metal, and Hevi-Hammer. Which shell they use depends on the kind of hunt they’re doing and the distance at which they’ll be shooting.

According to Godwin, those three styles of shells are about all the Duck Dynasty clan uses. The Hevi-Bismuth is great for shorter range hunting. If you’re using decoys or wading out in the timber. If you’re not shooting very far, these bismuth shells hit hard and deliver clean kills.

The Hevi-Metal shot is steel with 30 percent bismuth. This gives them the ability to really reach out and touch some ducks. If you’re looking for a long-range shotgun shell, Hevi-Metal is what you’re going to want to pick up. Godwin also said that these shells really accentuate your shotgun’s choke. If you’re shooting full or super full choke the shot in these shells is going to stick to that tight pattern longer than just about anything else.

Godwin and the rest of the Duck Dynasty crew are very fond of the Hevi-Hammer shells. In the vlog, he says that these are good at just about any distance. They can reach out almost as far as the Hevi-Metal shells and will give you good, clean kills at medium-to-long distances.

It all depends on the situation, but it seems like these three shells will have you pretty well covered.

Shell Length and Shot Size

Shot size and shell length can also play a part in how effective your ammunition is. According to Godwin, the Duck Dynasty crew shoot three-inch shells. They get the job done just fine. On the other hand, three-and-a-half inch shells are overkill for their application.

Shot size is where the crew really diverges. Phil shoots the #3 shot. This is because they’re big enough to be effective but there are more pellets in a #3 than a #2. Jase shoots #3 as well but lately, Godwin says, he has seen some success with the #6 shot. As far as John and Jay, they shoot #4 shot.

The whole Duck Dynasty crew switches to the #6 shot for early teal season, though. The blue-winged teals fly fast, so it’s important to get as many pellets in the air as possible. The #6 shot really helps with that.

Most Importantly, Know Your Gun

Godwin reminds hunters that it is important to know how ammunition will function in your gun. Every brand of shotgun and choke are different. So, it is important to know what kind of pattern a particular shell will throw when you fire it through your setup. The only real way to know this is to get some shells and do a little practice shooting to see how loose or tight your pattern is at several distances and use those results to pick your shot size.