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Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Buck Commander Family Take Time to Learn More About Deer Stand Safety

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

Country superstars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean joined Willie Robertson and the Duck Dynasty crew for a family hunting trip.

While there, the crew ate loads of food, drank some beer, played pranks on each other, and just overall had fun. And although the crew is known for their antics, when it comes to safety, the group gets serious.

“You know, I love kidding around, horsing around. But when it comes to being safe, I ain’t playing with any of that,” said Robertson.

So, he invited David Langston of Hunters Safety Systems to teach them about deer stand safety.

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson goes hunting with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

Willie Invites Hunter Safety Systems to Demonstrate Some Products

“It’s only the second week of November and we’ve already had five fatalities this week,” said Langston.

Langston then demonstrated how to use Hunters Safety Systems’s LIFELINE system. It’s a 30ft mountain climbers rope with a prussic knot and carabiner. It can be used with a lineman strap to attach to a fixed position hunting stand.

According to the product description, “The LIFELINE eliminates the need to move tree straps up and down as you ascend and descend the tree. In the event of a misstep, the LIFELINE stops you wherever you happen to be in your climb. The LIFELINE offers total protection from the ground to the stand and back again. Comes complete with Recon carabiner and HSS-COWBELL sound dampener that eliminates rattles and clangs.”

Tombo Martin, a member of the Duck Dynasty hunting crew said that it’s essential to take safety seriously during a hunt.

“When you think about how silly it is to die for a deer, and not take every precaution, it’s crazy,” said Martin.

“We have had several hundred letters coming in saying ‘Thank you for saving my life. Thank you, you saved my husband’s life. Or my daddy’s life.’ And that’s because of the Buck Commander guys. They say, ‘You know what, it is cool to wear a safety harness. It’s cool to stay attached to the tree from the moment you leave the ground to the moment you return.’ It’s definitely an honor having these guys using and endorsing our products. Because we know it’s saving lives,” said Langston.

Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Isn’t Even Phased by Dirty Diaper Prank

During the same video, Luke Bryan and a few other members of the hunting group tried to prank Willie. They took one of their kid’s diapers and filled it with green camouflage face paint. The group waited until Willie was completely asleep before tossing it on top of his face. Willie immediately woke up and said, “I’m ready.” He was in full hunting gear and didn’t even seem phased by the diaper.

After a few moments, Willie seemed to wake up a little more. He noticed that the crew had put something weird on his face. He grabbed for the diaper and quickly identified what it was. “Oh, it’s a diaper,” he said before tossing it aside. Like a true daddy who’s seen it all, he wasn’t at all grossed out by the diaper.

Luke Bryan, you’ll have to do better than that if you want to scare a Duck Dynasty man!