Duck Hunter Rescued from Frigid Water an Hour After Overturning Kayak

by Katie Maloney

A duck hunter almost lost his life after his kayak overturned and he was stuck in 40 degree water.

Every year duck hunters flock to Long Island for hunting season. Bill, who did not wish to share his last name, was one of the avid hunters. However, his latest hunting experience was not quite like the others he’s had. While hunting, Bill’s kayak overturned and he was stranded in frigid waters. Bill said that his first thought was that he wouldn’t live to see his family again.

“My first thoughts were, I thought I wasn’t going to see my wife and kid again,” said Bill. “I just had to quickly snap out of that mindset and, basically, turn on into survival mode,” he said.

Duck Hunter Makes One Final Call For Rescue

Luckily, although his phone was submerged underwater, Bill was still able to make one call. He dialed 911 and prayed that he would be rescued. Even luckier for Bill was that the paramedics found him quickly despite losing contact with him before he was able to give them his location.

“We had lost communication with him and the search area could have potentially been extremely large,” said Town of Hempstead bay constable, Orazio Taddeo.

Another constable on the scene, Sal Mastracchio, said Bill was able to yell to them once they arrived.

When we arrived, he was on the marsh waving us down,” said Mastracchio. “He was shaking and we got him onto the boat, and as quickly as we could got him back to the shoreline,” he said.

The constables say that it was a close call for Bill and that he’s lucky to be alive. When they picked him up he was soaking wet and his body temperature was critically low.

“I would say a little longer and he would have succumbed to hypothermia,” said Taddeo.

“I believe we prevented a catastrophe,” said Mastracchio.