Elephant Kills Woman, Then Tramples Her Body During Funeral: Report

by Jonathan Howard

An elephant never forgets, and apparently always holds a grudge. A woman in India was trampled by an elephant and things got worse from there. It’s hard to imagine how it could get worse, but this story goes from one wild twist to another. In Odisha, on the east coast of the country is where this took place.

According to The Print in India, this all started when Maya Murmu was collecting water from a well. The 70-year-old woman was not there long before a wild elephant from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary came by. The animal escaped from the sanctuary and made its way to the Raipal village.

The elephant charged and trampled the woman and she was taken to a nearby hospital. She died from her injuries after she was taken to the hospital. After her death, Murmu’s family got together for a memorial and to perform her last rites. That’s where it got more wild.

While the family was mourning their loss, the same elephant reportedly made its way back to the area. It rampaged through the funeral and stomped on the body, threw it in the air, and then left again. It took the family a few hours to finally perform the last rites.

The story is just awful. When you think that it couldn’t get worse. Officials are aware of the incident and will hopefully be able to get the elephant under control. It is never good when a beast of that size is running around like that and causing harm to communities.

For this region of India, it isn’t uncommon for elephant attacks to take place. Odisha experiences these attacks both ways. Poaching is also hurting the elephant populations in the area.

Elephant Issues in India

The state of Odisha has a lot going on when it comes to the elephant issue. There is poaching and other killings of elephants for no good reason. Then, there are issues like with this elephant attacking a woman and a funeral group. It’s a human vs. nature battle and no one wants to see it continue.

This year, in the state of Odisha, there have been multiple elephant attacks on people. One happened in March in the Bilaspur district. A woman was killed and her grandson got hurt in the incident. Then in May of this year, a woman was trampled outside of her home in the Tamil Nadu state.

Each year there are dozens of elephants are killed each year. Between April and October of last year, 42 elephants were killed in Odisha alone. It’s a story that seems to repeat itself time and time again, and each time it feels just as awful as the last one.