Employee Reportedly Mauled by Tiger at Florida Animal Sanctuary

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Some of the bravest people are those that risk their lives to tend to some of Earth’s most vulnerable species. However, occasionally, those individuals, whose hearts are in the right place, just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, this could be said of one Florida animal sanctuary employee after they were reportedly mauled by a tiger.

According to WFLA, the attack took place at an enclosure in Wooten’s Airboats in Ochopee in the Everglades. Reportedly, the tiger attacked a 50-year-old man after he entered its enclosure as the animal’s caretaker was feeding it.

The outlet reports another Wooten employee said the attack victim did not possess authorization to enter the tiger’s enclosure. As a result of the mauling, the man sustained injuries to both his arms and saw transport to a nearby hospital.

Collier County, Florida authorities report the tiger’s caretaker managed to safely contain the animal and sustained no injuries to themselves.

Those employed in this particular industry will surely see some ugly interspecies interactions. However, the news outlet stated the Wooten tiger mauling is the second to take place in three months in Florida. The first took place at the Naples Zoo. While there, a zoo visitor stuck his arm into the enclosure of one of the park’s Malayan tigers.

Rare Siberian Tiger Captured Live On Nature Camera

Tigers strictly remain captive in zoos and sanctuaries across the U.S. However, they tend to run more freely on the other side of the globe. Nevertheless, sightings of the rare Siberian tiger don’t occur too frequently, so it was a momentous day when German photographer Sascha Fonseca managed to catch one of the majestic creatures on camera. Footage of the encounter can be found below.

After capturing the footage of the male tiger, the wildlife photographer worked with researchers to name him. Scientists had not identified the animal up to this point. As seen in the video, the team of wildlife experts chose Leo as the striped beast boasts a “distinctive” L-shaped pattern on his cheek.

USA Today reports the rare sighting took place in the frigid regions of Far East Russia, a known habitat for the large, endangered cats.

In addition to populating regions across East Russia, the Siberian tiger can also be found in Northeast China as well as in North Korea.

Sadly, all tigers, not just the Siberian species, are at risk of extinction. Currently, just 350-400 adult Siberian tigers remain in the wild. And despite conservationists’ efforts to rebuild the population, habitat loss and frequent poaching have left their numbers increasingly low.