Enormous Deadly Snake Hurls Off 2-Story Building to Escape Reptile Catcher

by Katie Maloney

As if deadly spiders, lethal stonefish, and crocodiles weren’t enough, now Australians also have to worry about deadly snakes falling from the sky.

Stuart McKenzie, the new owner of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, shared a photo from a job he was on this week. While he was attempting to capture a highly-venomous snake, the snake launched itself off a two-story balcony. Along with the photo, McKenzie wrote, “The only way it could have gotten up there. Was by climbing a large pandanus tree next to the balcony. As soon as the snake saw Matt come out onto the balcony it decided to launch itself off the two-story balcony. And onto the ground and then disappeared back into the bush.”

McKenzie said that the owners of the building originally thought that the creature was a tree snake. But when McKenzie and his cohort Matt arrived they discovered that it was actually an Eastern Brown snake. Important to note: Eastern Brown snakes are considered some of the most venomous terrestrial snakes in the world. So, no big deal but that unsuspecting Australian couple had a deadly snake just chilling on their balcony!

Eastern Brown Launches Off Two Story Balcony to get away! We attended a job yesterday for what the owners thought was a…

Posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Reptile Catcher Says That Even Deadly Snakes Aren’t Always Aggressive

McKenzie was also quick to point out that, although it contains deadly venom, the snake literally jumped off of a building to flee from humans. In his post, McKenzie said that this proves an important lesson. He wrote, “It just goes to show that snakes, including brown snakes, are NOT aggressive. In fact, they want nothing to do with humans and will go to drastic measure to get away from us.”

So, we’ve learned some important lessons about deadly snakes from Stuart McKenzie. Now, can we take a minute to acknowledge how cool he is? His Facebook page is flooded with on-the-job videos that hearken back to badass, Dog The Bounty Hunter style videos. McKenzie shows up to each job wearing his bright blue polo shirt with a large, close-up photo of a snake on both the front and back of his shirt. The phone number for his company is also prominently featured in yellow font across the back of the shirt. We know he’s located in Australia, but if we ever have a deadly snake problem, we’re calling Stuart Mckenzie.