Entire Human Body Discovered Inside Swollen Belly of 13-Foot Crocodile

by Jonathan Howard

The outdoors can be a very scary place. Especially in places that have 13-foot monster crocodiles. Villagers near Bintuni Bay in the vast island nation of Indonesia were shocked to find what was inside the belly of this prehistoric beast. An entire man was cut out from the inside the croc.

Sometime before the attack happened, construction worker, Yeniman Bernard was pulled underwater. He was taken into the bay by a crocodile, and many suspected that this is the croc and Mr. Bernard’s body. The villagers made quick work of their search, finding the bloated reptile in about a day. The man who was seen being attacked had just finished swimming in the waters and was resting on the edge of a boat.

Law enforcement has gotten involved, of course.

“After dissecting it, it was clear that there was a man in its stomach,” Bituni Bay police chief Lukkas Resihol said. After taking bone and skull fragments, local authorities were able to identify the body. “We confirm that the victim inside the crocodile is the person we are looking for.”

In the Bituni Bay area, locals have been warned about crocodiles. Staying alert and vigilant will help keep folks safe. While it sounds like a scary situation, it isn’t so cut and dry. So, numbers put it into perspective. From 2010 to 2020 there were 668 deadly saltwater attacks in the world. These are really rare incidents.

When you talk about crocodiles, there are three species. American, Nile, and saltwater. Based on the location, this was more than likely a saltwater croc.

While 13 feet is large, male saltwater crocodiles can get up to 23 feet long. Yeah, think about that and try to sleep.

One Man Fought a Crocodile With a Frying Pan

The story from Indonesia is tragic and one that seems to have shaken the community. However, not all encounters end with such tragic circumstances. Sometimes, you get a fair shot at defending yourself, and you have to use anything and everything to get out of that situation. In a viral video from an undisclosed location, one man was faced with a sizeable croc and fought it off.

That’s not something you’re going to see every day. Also, try not to get in that situation in the first place. While the video ended well in this case, it won’t always. Nature is never to be messed with. But when it comes messing with you, you gotta do what you gotta do. What’s more impressive, the man in the video isn’t all that young, his white hair gives that away.

Crocodiles are fearsome, ferocious beasts. They have struck fear into people for thousands of years, and rightfully so. However, we have learned to live with them nearby… for the most part, I guess.