Evicted: Mountain Lion Captured, Removed from California Condos

by Courtney Blackann

Curiosity got the best of one rather big cat after it entered a California resident’s backyard Monday. Though the owners weren’t home at the time, we imagine this would have been a surprise for anyone to see a mountain lion lurking nearby. The large animals can sometimes wander close to residential areas, especially when looking for food or water.

During the incident, some neighbors who witnessed the mountain lion roaming around contacted the Palm Springs police as well as the Fish and Wildlife department.

“[An official] told me to be quiet. So he walked over and said, be quiet because there’s a mountain lion out here. We’re trying to catch it. So that’s when I found out about it,” said neighbor Frank Rios to KESQ.

Though nobody got hurt, it still left neighbors concerned.

“It’s alerting to me because I do have cats and I take them out in the back with me once in a while,” said Rios. 

The Fish and Wildlife Department was able to safely tranquilize the mountain lion and remove it from the property. This happened just a couple of hours after it was spotted, officials said. However, upon further examination, they noticed the big cat looked malnourished and smaller than usual.

“The decision was to guard it and relocate it but after looking at the health of the lion, it was really emaciated. Looked like he got hit by a car possibly because all the nail beds were fractured,” said lieutenant supervisor, Kyle Chang. “I think that it came down here probably hunting because it’s a juvenile smaller cat. It might have gotten kicked out of its territory- home territory and it’s looking for its own territory.”

The animal was taken to a rehab facility where it will be treated before being released back into the wild.

Mountain Lion Hides Under Colorado Porch

In another similar case, a family was shocked when their domestic cat found a mountain lion. It was hiding out under their porch in Colorado. Finding the 60-pound animal was quite shocking. Especially because the residential area was so far from where mountain lions would want to be, the family said.

“We were walking with [our cat], and he went under the deck and came jumping out with a really bushy tail,” Lily Rutledge-Ellison told local news station KDVR.

Officials quickly came and assisted with its removal.

“The reason we chose to go hands-on with this mountain lion was because it was so deep in the heart of the city,” Area Wildlife Manager Matt Martinez said in a press release.

“We are glad this operation worked out so smoothly for that neighborhood and for the mountain lion. We’d like to thank the Englewood Police Department and Code Enforcement for assisting us in getting that lion out safely.”