Famed Bowhunter Chuck Adams Sets World-Record on Kodiak Hunting Trip

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Chuck Adams, a well-known bowhunter, has bagged a world-record buck. On Monday, December 6th, a Pope and Young panel of judges joined together in Rock Springs, Wyoming to assess Adams’ buck. He shot the buck on Kodiak Island, Alaska back in August. After judging, his buck has officially taken the Pope and Young world record title for Velvet Typical Sitka Blacktail Deer at 109 7/8 inches.

Adams does things a little differently when it comes to hunting blacktail deer. Many hunters prefer to hunt in the fall, but Adams gets his done during the summer months. He explains that there are a few different reasons for this. For one, he just has more free time in the summer, which makes sense. Don’t we all. He goes on to say that summer vs. fall hunting is pretty even in terms of what the cons are. He prefers hunting in the summer to avoid bears and any other animals that might be seen later in the year.

Adams’ Long List of Hunting Successes

Adams has had a lasting impact on hunting. He’s broken multiple records and writes about his bowhunting experiences along the way. He’s the first bowhunter to take all 29 species of big game in North America. This Pope and Young record isn’t his first, and certainly won’t be his last. To date, the bowhunter has 210 Pope and Young entries.

Adams has been on 17 trips to Kodiak Island over the years. When speaking to Outdoor Life he mentioned that the Sitka deer found in Alaska, like the world-record buck mentioned above, are some of his favorites to hunt. He’s broken P&Y world records previously, including for Sitka Blacktail deer.

The velvet category is still relatively new to Pope & Young. Adams pondered on his previous wins in the Sitka Blacktail deer category, wondering if they would beat his most recent win if they still had velvet. “In 1986 I broke the world-record for hard-horned Sitka deer on Kodiak, and that deer scored 108 4/8 inches. I shot that deer in the velvet and there was no velvet category with Pope and Young, so I stripped the velvet. I suspect that deer might have scored higher than this one, but I don’t know for sure. I broke the world record the day before with another deer that scored 107 and some change, so that one might have beat this one if I had left the velvet on it too.”

A Bowhunter With a Little Less Luck

Bowhunting is no easy feat. One bowhunter found this out the hard way in a now-viral video. Uploaded by Afflictor Broadheads, the video shows hunter Tanner Hartz missing what could’ve been the buck of his dreams. He hits a branch instead of the seven or eight-point buck he was hoping for. Fans of Afflictor Broadheads shared their experiences and pains in the comments.