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Family Suffers Second Bear Attack in Two Years, Pet Dog Killed by Black Bear

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A Pennsylvania family is reeling after they say a black bear attacked them and killed their pet dog.

The Muncy Creek Township family say its the second time in two years they have been attacked by a bear, according to Newsweek. Sid and Melinda Lebarron told local news station WNEP they did not incur injury during the attack. Their dog, who was named Bear, was not as lucky.

Melinda says she let the dog out of the house and into the backyard last Saturday when the bear made an appearence.

“The bear was going full force, and she started running,” she says. “That is when I seen her grab my dog, and she pinned her on the top step.”

The Lebarron’s retreated into the house to prevent the large animal from attacking them. Sid says he took a curtain rod off the back door to fend the bear off and from coming into the house.

“I had to shut the door because of me and her,” he said. “If that animal would have gotten in the house, it probably would have been all over for us. I had to make a choice, the dog or us, so I slammed the door.”

Similar Bear Attack Two Years Ago

The couple lived through a similar incident in December of 2018. A black bear attacked Melinda and drug her into the woods near their house. She spent over two months in the hospital recovering from injuries suffered during the attack. Her husband was not present during that attack and she says she is thankful he was during the recent attack.

“I was just thankful that he was home this time,” Melinda said. “It was like a replay because it was like almost the same way it happened back in 2018.”

The Lebarrons believe the same animal is responsible for both attacks. The National Park Service lists bear attack safety tips here.

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