‘Fat Bear Week’ 2020: Highlights From Previous Years

by Outsider

Fat Bear Week is an annual tournament that looks to find the most voluminous bears possible in Katmai National Park. From September 30 through October 6, you get to vote on which bear is the fattest. From there, only one victor can be chosen. But the honor of being the fattest bear goes down in history.

It’s a contest many look forward to. Who could blame them? These chunky balls of fluff are absolutely adorable. It’s about time to participate in this year’s contest. You can see Katmai Conservatory is gearing up to collect the plump bears out there to see which one ends up taking the cake – possibly literally.


We can’t forget the beefy bears of yesterday, however. One such bear, Lefty, was one of the final two from 2019.


Holly ended up taking the crown of 2019 Fat Bear Week Champion, hailed as the “queen of chunk and the goddess of rubenesque.”


Beadnose ended up taking home the crown from Fat Bear Week 2018, and for good reason. Look at this chubby friend.


Even bears from other parts of the world got into the competition. This blubbery bear was submitted by folks in Alaska.


This massive bear was obviously comfortable in her own skin in 2019’s contest.


With bears this fabulous, we can only dream of what’s next for 2020’s contest. We can bear-ly wait to see how it shakes out. May the biggest bear win!

[H/T: Katmai Conservancy]