Father and 4-Year-Old Son Rescued After Getting Stranded on Cliff While Hiking

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Daring rescue: A father and his toddler son have been rescued from a cliff near San Francisco after becoming stranded. Thankfully, local firefighters were able to locate and save the pair before the worst could happen.

KGO-TV is covering the rescue, and says the pair found themselves stranded on the cliff’s edge. The cliff, a staggering 70-feet high precipice, could have easily sent them both into mortal peril. Apparently, the trail they chose was “poorly marked”, and the duo soon found themselves straying into the unknown.

“We were] just hiking around and you take one wrong turn, and the next thing you know, the sand takes away, leaves your feet, and the next thing you know, you’re halfway down the cliff,” the man told the outlet. “So it just happens fast.”

Rescued father, KGO-TV interview

Twitter user @winnieof4, however, was not amused with the rescue. She may have forgotten that firefighters are heroes for many reasons – and are driven to rescue any in need – regardless of situation. A toddler rescued, along with his father, is certainly cause for praise and not condemnation:

Toddler Rescued: Firefighter Lieutenant Praise Father

Lt. Jonathan Baxter of the SFFD is praising the father, saying it is no small feat to know your exact location in such an emergency. Lt. Baxter is advising further hikers never to attempt the cliff they’re seeing in photos. Even if it appears safe – it is not.

“Although this resulted in no injuries and a successful rescue, it could also in injuries or death,” he said. “We ask that you please stay on the trail.”

Lt. Baxter, KGO-TV interview

In addition, a SF Highway Patrol helicopter was on standby in case the father and toddler had to be airlifted from the cliff.

The duo are, thankfully, uninjured, and survive the incident with nothing but a cautionary tale.

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