Father and Toddler Have Scary Encounter with Charging Grizzly Bear

by Michael Freeman

Bear attacks are already frightening enough, but a recent incident in Montana is the stuff of nightmares. Not only did a grizzly bear attack a father and his toddler once, but it did so three separate times.

Thomas Reiter spoke to KTVQ – Q2 News about the attack, issuing a warning for anyone going to the Beartooth Mountains. While frequenting the area with his son, a grizzly bear charged them both on three separate occasions. The attacks occurred on October 3 and though he and his son Connor are uninjured, they are understandably shaken up.

Reiter states his wife works as a nurse and often catches up on rest at home at the time. As such, he and Connor often go backpacking on mountain trails. “We just we park off the side of the highway up there and we walked down a little bit. There’s a snowbank down there that Connor liked to play on,” he told the news outlet.

However, the father-son adventure soon became horrifying upon encountering the grizzly.

“We were going to go down there and sit on the shore, I was going to let him just play and do what two-year-old do,” said Reiter. “I probably went another 150 yards, if that, and then this is when that bear decided to charge.”

Reiter and Connor quickly moved out of its path. Though the former has a handgun and bear spray, he never brings it on that trail. This occurred two times more by the same bear who he identified by the hump on its back.

“I’ve been hiking up there since the 80s, and I’ve never seen a bear,” Reiter stated. He then reminds anyone traveling on trails not only to have protection but be well-versed with it.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Wyoming Hunter and His Friend

Happening just a few days after a grizzly bear charged Thomas Reiter, a Wyoming hunter also had a frightening encounter. While hunting with a friend, a grizzly bear attacked the pair, injuring one of them.

Hunting elk west of Cody, Wyoming, a hunter was out with his friend when the bear reportedly attacked. Receiving injuries from the encounter, a helicopter flew him to an area hospital for treatment. Luckily, the injuries were non-threatening.

After hearing about the incident, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department responded and arrived at the scene. Initial findings suggest the hunter was attacked at close range with an adult female grizzly with her two cubs.

The hunter and his partner killed the bear, prompting Game and Fish to euthanize the two cubs. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the investigation is ongoing. Dan Coil, Special Agent in Charge for the Service, gave his regards and issued a statement.

“The Service sends our thoughts to the injured individual as he recovers,” Dan Coil told County 10. “The Service partners with states to manage grizzly bears in grizzly country and appreciates Wyoming Game and Fish responding to the incident.”