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Father-Son Duck Hunters Rescued After Boat Capsizes in Freezing Water

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Johner Images - Walstrom, Susanne/ Getty Images)

A father and son duck hunting duo were rescued from icy waters by police after their boat capsized in New York on Saturday afternoon.

According to a press release by the Town of Smithtown, a father, and son from Commack, New York, were pulled out of the Nissequogue River on Saturday afternoon by Smithtown bay local police.

The men swam to a marsh where they waited for rescue.

The men were 72-year-old Fred Maser and his 46-year-old son Kevin Maser. The pair was onboard Fred’s 14-foot duck hunting boat, named the Lone Star. Around 1:07 p.m. on Saturday, the Lone Star capsized, sending both men into the frigid waters of the river.

According to the Weather Channel, the high temperature in Smithtown on Saturday was 33 degrees. The low was also around 22 degrees. In addition, for the week proceeding, the high was 44 degrees in the area.

Smithtown Officials Rescue the Duck Hunters

The men quickly called for help, where the Smithtown Department of Public Safety park rangers, bay constables, as well as Suffolk County police all responded.

Brendan Dennihy, a Park Ranger in the area, answered the Kings Park Bluff message within minutes. Dennihy was able to locate the Maser men, who had floated south but found safety on the marsh.

Shortly after, two bay constables, Blake Gifford and Carmine Aro arrived on a patrol boat. The officials then pulled the men aboard as Dennihy briefed them on the situation.

Kevin and Fred Maser were taken by the patrol boat to the Kings Park Bluff Ramp. There the hunters were met by the Kings Park Fire Department Rescue, where the pair were evaluated and treated for any wounds.

The Smithtown bay constables also retrieved the Lone Star from the Nissequogue River. They then returned it to the Masers on the ramp.

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