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Female Hunter Fights Back Against Death Threats, Defends The Sport

by Chris Haney
Photo by LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images

A Slovakian hunter is fighting back against online trolls who have allegedly sent her death threats because of her passion for hunting. She’s now defending the sport and opening up about her love for the great outdoors.

Petra Krchavá lives in Vinica, Slovakia, and has been an avid hunter for over 13 years. The sport has been a constant in her family for multiple generations. The 31-year-old woman thinks of hunting as a lifestyle, but also admits that her choices have led to some controversy.

Krchavá often shares pictures of her hunting adventures with her more than 39,000 followers on Instagram. She says that some of her online critics berate her with comments and wish her ill. In fact, some of her critics think she should be chased down and killed like the animals she hunts.


“People have wished me the same death as the animals I’ve harvested. People think we kill animals for fun, which is not the case at all,” said Krchavá. “I’ve been told ‘I hope you die like that animal,’ and ‘I wish you’d shoot each other.’” 

Hunter Advocates For Nature Conservation

Krchavá believes her love of hunting is actually preserving and protecting animal populations. Furthermore, she is working on a clothing line to fundraise for the western capercaillie, an endangered species of bird in the grouse family.

“They don’t see that I feed the animals to make sure they survive the winter. I distribute drinking water in summer and build feeding facilities,” she explained. “We dig lakes, give them medicine, save young and other injured animals, and organize waste collection outings. We teach children in schools and run educational summer camps. I’ve spent thousands of my own (money) contributing to these efforts.”


Meanwhile, Krchavá hopes to influence conservation among younger generations by educating them about hunting.

“Being alone in nature with just my thoughts always seems to make my day better. Hunting has also brought me strength, courage, and some incredible friendships,” Krchavá said. “It’s important that we preserve nature for future generations. I hope I can teach my own child this one day.”

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