First Time Alligator Hunter Channels ‘Swamp People’ Wrangling 787 Pounder

by Jonathan Howard

Beginner’s luck is a real thing. That couldn’t be more evident than watching a first-time gator hunter nab an almost 800lb monster like he’s on Swamp People. Not to mention, he got lucky just to have a permit. Ty Powell of Columbia, Mississippi was granted one of 920 coveted alligator possession permits from the state. Every year, thousands apply. In just his first applying Powell basically won the lottery.

While he worked with four experienced hunters, Powell brought in a huge catch. After four hours of battle, he had landed the 13-foot long, 787lb giant reptile. The way alligator hunting in Mississippi works is a little complicated. However, to protect the alligator population, precautions have to be taken.

After being selected for the permit, you can tag two alligators in the season. One of those has to be under 7 feet in length. So, it looks like Powell will be hunting for smaller gators to fill out his second. Once a year has passed, hunters have to apply again and hope they are chosen.

According to DailyMail, the first-time hunter is excited to apply again in the future. “I believe the adrenaline rush kicked in so much I wasn’t scared,” Powell said to the news outlet.

“It took five grown men to roll him into the boat,” Powell explained the battle, “after that we just floated down the river a good ways to catch our breath, he had all five of us tired at that point.” While imagining a beast that large is impressive enough, actually seeing it is unreal.

Alligator Hunting Group Catches Second Beast

While Ty Powell earned his first catch, he did have help. The group of four men who guided him through his first hunt knows a thing or two about the trade. Many of the gator hunters in Mississippi have a wealth of experience. Three other hunters from the group landed a massive gator, but not nearly the size of Powell’s.

Kent Britton, Adam Steen, and Bubba Steen landed a gator that weighed over 500lb. When the measuring tape was brought out, it was 12 feet 8 inches. On the Yazoo River, the group spotted 15 alligators. However, they had their eyes on a monster. Two alligators, in particular, interested the group. For over a month they stalked their pretty. The gator came close to breaking free.

“It’s a little bit of helplessness,” Powell said about losing a gator from the line, “You don’t know if you’re going to get another chance at him.” However, things turned around. They did get a second chance.

Bubba Steen knows about losing gators. “We’ve had them get away before, but usually if you just stay after them, and eventually he’ll make a mistake.” At the end of the day, the group got their gators.