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Fisherman Attacked By Whitetip Shark After Reeling It In

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: ullstein bild / Contributor/Getty Images)

A Queensland fisherman was bitten by a whitetip shark about 21 miles off the coast of Fraser Island.

The incident happened yesterday at 3:30 p.m. when the fisherman in his 50s tried to release the hook from the animal’s jaws. He was bitten on the arm by the whitetip; however, friends on board the ship managed to help free it and take him ashore.

He was then flown to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and is said to be in stable condition. He has significant injuries to his hands.

This attack is one in a long chain of recent shark encounters in Australian waters.

Fatal Shark Attack

Last week, 46-year-old surfer Nick Slater was fatally mauled by a great white shark off the Gold Coast.

A surf camera off Swellnet caught Slater’s last moments as he sat on his board in the water’s line-up before the white shark grabbed him and pulled him under.

In the video, water can be seen splashing around as the struggle went on. Finally, the black silhouette of the shark is seen swimming off.

Surfers just a few feet away seem oblivious to the unfortunate events that just unfolded.

It isn’t until Slate’s body floats face down to the surface that fellow surfers finally drag him to shore.

The fatal bite stretched from his upper thigh to his knee. A tooth from the killer remained stuck in his longboard.

Slate’s death is rare, though. He is only the second fatal shark attack victim at one of Queensland’s 85 beaches since 1962. That year the state government set out nets and drumlines to protect its residents.

Off Greenmount Beach, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palazczuk said that a large tiger shark was found dead from being caught in a net in the days since Slater’s death.

Officials are still trying to identify if the dead tiger shark is the one who attacked an estate agent off the Gold Coast.

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