Fisherman Finds Chevrolet Camaro Stolen in 1988 at the Bottom of a Reservoir

by Chris Haney

A fisherman in Fishers, Indiana came across an interesting find with his boat’s sonar while traveling along the Geist Reservoir. The sonar seemed to show a car stuck at the bottom, and sure enough, it was a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro.

On Tuesday, local police put a team together to investigate the angler’s find. It turns out the owner reported the car as stolen on July 8, 1988. However, it took 32 years to find the car.

The Fishers Police Department shared a post of the team’s search on their official Twitter account. The department shared photos of the car’s recovery and some of the team at work.

“Reported stolen July 8, 1988. Found October 12, 2020. Thanks to a local fisherman seeing this on sonar the vehicle is no longer in Geist Reservoir. #hideandseekchampion #teamwork,” the post read.

Camaro Located and Removed After 32 Years Underwater

On Monday, the fisherman found the car near the Fall Creek Road bridge not far from a marina in Fishers, IN. The following day, a Fishers Police Department dive team investigated the area and discovered the 1987 Chevy Camaro.

The car was found upside down buried in several feet of silt. A local tow company – Garner’s Towing – helped the police successfully remove the Camaro from the water.

Supposedly, the car’s owner reported the theft on July 8, 1988. Police said on Facebook that it’s “hard to imagine the vehicle sat underwater over thirty years undetected.” It’s even more surprising since the nearby bridge was replaced around 15 years ago.

Unfortunately, police said that the Camaro’s original owner passed away. Therefore they were unable to return the car to its rightful owner.