Too Close for Comfort: Fisherman in Kayak Circled By Massive Hammerhead Shark in Terrifying Video

by Shelby Scott

You know what they say: a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. However, two California kayakers’ good day fishing could have easily turned bad following a recent shark encounter. While fishing off of his kayak in La Jolla, CA, fisherman Devin O’Dea had an incredibly close encounter with a massive hammerhead shark.

The duo’s trip overall makes a debut total of about seven minutes. However, you can fast-forward to the four-minute mark to hone in on the 10-foot hammerhead’s arrival. In the clip, the fisherman shares they’re very lucky they reeled in their latest catch prior to the shark’s appearance.

Long seconds pass by as the massive shark encircles the pair of boats. The scent of fresh-caught fish and a little trail of blood surely attracted the beast toward the pair’s locale. The shark makes wide circles at first, though, nevertheless, too close for comfort. However, toward the end of the video, we see the pair of fishermen have drifted apart. Additionally, the shark remains directly beneath O’Dea’s boat, bumping it several times.

As for whether they felt fear or not throughout the encounter, O’Dea said, “Surprisingly, I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be because of the adrenalin I had from catching that yellowtail.”

Florida Woman Gets Photobombed by a Shark

As summer comes to a close, sharks seem to be grasping at their last couple of chances of Internet virality. On the same day O’Dea’s video was posted to YouTube, another close call took place on the East Coast. Floridian Kristina Lowe had her beach photo shoot interrupted by a four-foot shark.

Lowe planned to spend the day at New Smyrna Beach, FL with her friend, Annalea Burr. Burr had been taking photos of Lowe posing in the water. That’s when the 18-year-old said she felt something brush past her leg. In a statement to Kennedy News, Lowe said, “I looked down and saw what looked like a huge fish.”

However, almost immediately, she said she remembered that New Smyrna Beach has gained notoriety as the “shark bite capital of the world.” Once she realized a shark had brushed by her leg, she and her friend ran to shore, though Burr was unaware of what had taken place in that moment.

Although, during the incident, Burr apparently managed to capture a photo of the small shark in front of Lowe in the beach’s shallow waters.

Further, while the shark encounter was definitely scary, Lowe shared that it won’t keep her from returning to the water. While she said the shark’s rough skin scratched up her knee, she stated, “I’ll definitely go back in the water. I’ve lived here my entire life so it won’t keep me away.”