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Fisherman Reels In Bass With Snake in Its Mouth: ‘The Head Was Looking at Me’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Roy Morsch/ Getty Images)

Cat got your tongue? Well close, a snake. One unfortunate bass was having a bad day when a fisherman caught it only to look inside its mouth to see a snake looking back at him. 

Dan Boudrie, the fisherman who caught the bass, reported the odd catch with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). 

“The head was looking at me right before I took this picture,” said Boudrie. “I thought it was cool but wondered how I would explain to an ER doc that I got bit by a snake from putting my fingers in a fish’s mouth.”

The Wildlife Agency reposted the story to their Facebook page with a warning, saying, “It’s almost #Halloween, and it looks like the year 2020 is at it again. It seems that some fish are playing tricks on us, with no treat! Be careful when you reach your hand in a fish’s mouth! You never know what might be in there.”


Facebook’s Response to the Snake

Many Facebook followers were shocked by the discovery. One said, “Be on the lookout! I would never believe this unless the TWRA or you posted it… Wow!”

Another person commented, “If I had lipped the fish and then saw the snake, I probably would have thrown the fish, snake and rod and reel across the lake! No pictures!” 

While another man recalled a similar situation that happened to him. He said, “My dad, brother, and I were crappie fishing at Hustburg, and my brother caught a bass on a minnow. I took it off, and the same happened, except the snake crawled on out past my hand, dropped in the water, and took off, lol. Definitely shook me up.” 

According to many TWRA commenters, they have identified the serpent as either a common water snake or a banded water snake, both nonvenomous snakes. However, the TWRA says that people shouldn’t take their chances and to always be careful. 

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