Fishing Guide Lands Monster 10-Foot, 500-Pound Sturgeon Thought to Be 100 Years Old

by Megan Molseed

Well, that is certainly a big ol’ fish!

A fishing guide caught an amazing sight recently on British Columbia’s Fraser River in Chilliwack. The impressive catch from March 6 is one the guide will never forget.

Weighing in at what is estimated to be a shocking 500 to 600 pounds and measuring as much as 10-feet long, this sturgeon is no doubt breaking records across the board. Based on the stats he was able to collect before releasing the sturgeon back into the water, the fishing guide was able to estimate the massive sturgeon to be as many as 100 years old.

Fishing Guide Catches A Fish He Will ‘Never Forget’ On A British Columbia Waterway

When fishing guide Yves Bisson, owner of the Yves Bisson Sturgeon Company, was on the water in British Columbia’s Fraser River on March 6, he had no idea the sight he was about to lay his eyes on. But, the moment Bisson caught his first glimpse of the massive sturgeon, he knew he had spotted something very rare.

“I have landed over 22,000 sturgeon on my fishing charters,” Yves Bisson says of the amazing catch. “And this was one I’ll never forget.” Video of Yves Bisson catching the massively impressive sturgeon can be seen here.

The British Columbia fishing guide notes that he regularly scans areas that are known to feature sturgeon fish within their depths. When he finds one of the fish in his journeys, he scans it; later communicating the information to sturgeon information data collections.

“We were all amazed as this fish had no tag and had probably never been caught before,” the fishing guide says of the unique catch.

The Massive Monster Sturgeon Is Believed to Have Never Been Caught Before Being Tagged In British Columbia River

The exciting video features Yves Bisson as he sits in the shallow waters of the Fraser River; holding the sturgeon while documenting the impressive creature. It is huge, no doubt. But despite its size, the sturgeon gives very little resistance to Bisson as he pulls the fish back into the water.

“Check this out,” Bison says in the unbelievable video.

“This fish is 10 and 1/2 feet,” the fishing guide explains.

“Probably 500, maybe 600 pounds,” Bison adds. The fisherman also notes that the fact that he is the first to tag the fish tells him the sturgeon has likely never been in a similar position.

“We were just able to tag it so it’s probably never been caught,” the fishing guide exclaims. “And now we’re going to release it back into the river.”

And, of course, the excitement the fisherman feels with the catch is beyond any he has experienced when tagging sturgeon in these waters. An excitement that is clear as the video comes to a close.

“Woo! Woo!” Bisson cheers. “Unreal.”