12-Year-Old Angler Catches Record-Shattering Catfish in Texas

by Will Shepard

A seventh-grader who is only 12-years-old landed a monster blue catfish in Texas. Cade Childress caught an astonishing 72.4-pound fish on Lake Tawakoni on March 6.

After being given a fishing trip by his grandfather as a Christmas present, he decided to use the trip in early March. To add to the experience, the two chartered Whisk’R Fish’N Trophy Guide Service to take them out. During their expedition, Childress landed the 50.75-inch-long blue catfish.

Pending Youth State and Lake Tawakoni Record Cade Childress 12 years busted this Lake Tawakoni Monsta. Certified at…

Posted by Lake Tawakoni Whisk'R Fish'N Trophy Guide Service on Saturday, March 6, 2021

This catch breaks Texas’ current and pending record for junior blue catfish. Only a week before the 12-year-old Childress caught his fish, an 11-year-old landed a 67.92-pound blue. That one was still pending when Childress landed his. Previously, the record was a 67 pounder from 2019.

Certification of the catch will likely come in the next couple of days from Texas officials. Regardless though, the catch is absolutely astounding.

12-Year-Old Landing the Biggest Fish of His Lifetime With His Grandfather

Before Whisk’R Fish’N took out Childress, they had some incredible success. James Evans, the guide, had helped two clients land ten catfish that combined to 314 pounds. But, afterward, that spot had gone dry, Evans explains to a local newspaper.

“My shallow bite pretty much died. We spent most of the morning fishing alleys around stumps and timber, but it just wasn’t happening. I’m not sure what happened, but we never caught a fish.”

So, with the two Childress’ in tow, he went searching for a better fishing spot. They began fishing in a creek channel with substantially deeper water, 17 feet more, in fact. After an hour of waiting with the hooks baited with gizzard, they finally got a bite.

Immediately, Cade grabbed ahold of the rod and began his fight to land the catfish. His grandfather explains exactly how the fight with the catfish was happening.

“Cade only weighs 85 pounds, so it was pretty much a true tug of war between him and the fish. He pressed his feet against the back seat to get leverage and keep from getting pulled overboard. The fish was just about as big as he is.”

The fight was apparently a short one for the 12-year-old angler, and they were able to get the fish on board. With the blue catfish on the boat, they headed back to shore for photos and official weight. After satisfying themselves with a photoshoot, they safely put the fish back into the lake.