Best Fishing Lures of 2020, New Releases to Look for in 2021

by Kayla Zadel

Having the right equipment for anything can make all the difference, especially when it comes to fishing. One of the most important things when it comes to catching your next fish is having the right fishing lure.

We fishermen, sometimes like the fish, walk into the bait and tackle shop and pick up the shiniest, most colorful lure we see. But it really depends on where you’re fishing, and what you’re fishing for. Also, it helps to do a little research before purchasing your next bait, like reading this post or asking a salesperson at the stop.

Not only did 2020 offer up some very functional fishing lures, but we’re looking forward to what’s to come this year. Here’s a round-up of some dynamic lures that will for sure hook, line, and sink your next catch.

Best of 2020’s Fishing Lures

The pack of Panther Martin Deadly 6-Pack for Trout “The Best of the Best” includes three of the brand’s most popular colors, and they come in two different sizes. The lure is durable, and while it’s made to catch trout, it might not be made to hook all sizes, according to Gear Lobo.

  • Pro: Weighted for further cast
  • Con: Smaller in size and not necessarily great for larger sized trout

2020: Best Budget Buys

These Kreddy Krankbait Lures are best for catfish and hit our radar in 2020. They might seem to be a little on the pricer side, but since they come in a 5-pack, you’re getting the most bang for your buck! Even though these lures are for catfish, they work well with other types of fish too.

  • Pro: Bright colors and get a variety in the 5-pack
  • Con: Colors might fade after multiple uses

Speaking of getting a deal, these Zoom Magnum II Worms come in a 20-pack. They come in a salt-mixture that ups the level of attraction of fish to the lure. Also, Zoom offers these worms in 22 different colors. Using them for bass will be your best bet.

  • Pro: Zoom Magnum II Worms are sold in packs of 20
  • Con: Hooks are sold separately

This Tbuymax Fishing Lure Kit is designed with bigger fish in mind. The combination of bright colors and weighted pieces are perfect for any angler with a big prize in mind. However, if you’re in a pond with fish of all sizes, this Tbuymax might not fit in the mouths of smaller fish.

  • Pro: Sold in a 10-pack with tackle boxes
  • Con: Lure is larger and might not fit in smaller-mouth fish

2020: Best All-Around Lure

This Supertip Segmented Lure is perhaps one of the best lures out there. Not only is it versatile, but it’s also wallet-friendly. This Supertip segmented lure comes with two hooks and it’s made for fresh and saltwater fish. Furthermore, the segmented design allow the bait to look more life-like and appealing to all types of fish.

  • Pro: Very life-like and comes with hooks
  • Con: Color could fade after multiple uses

Best Lures For Bass Fishing in 2020

We couldn’t go without mentioning a few of these as well… Here are some solid picks for bass fishing:

  • 3/8-ounce Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig
  • 3/4-ounce Nichols Lures
  • Scottsboro Tackle Swimbait
  • 3/8-ounce Owner Flashy Swimmer
  • Storm Arashi Glide Bait
  • Strike King Sexy Frog

New Fishing Lures to Look Forward to in 2021

Below is a mix of brand-new baits as well as some of improvements on the ones we’ve loved for years.

(Photo credit: Savage Gear)

Savage Gear introduced their salamander doppelganger with the new Savage Gear 3D Lizard Craw at ICAST last year. The lure puts out subtle vibrations and is even scented to trigger more reactions. The lizard look-alike comes in a couple of different colors and is also available in 4- and 6-inch sizes.

  • Pro: Great choice for a Texas rig, Carolina rig, trailer for skirted jigs, and even flipping
  • Con: Still in the process of testing this lure out

The Shimano Orca FB 150 looks alive in the water without ever having to move it. Shimano’s extraordinary Flash Boost (FB) technology emits a constant flash that attracts fish. The new line of Orca sinking pencil baits mimics the moments and flash of an injured fish. The lure is equipped with hooks and has the strength to hook a tuna. The lure comes in several different colors, too.

  • Pro: Looks like a real injured fish
  • Con: The cost of one lure in $22.99

New and Improved Fishing Lures

The original Arbogast Jitterbug gets a new look. The Pradco Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug 2.0 is constructed in the same fashion, but now has a lower pull-point that ensures more intense action. The hooks are free-hanging which allows the lure to move freer, but also are movable enough to hide from the fish’s eyes. As a matter of fact, new color patterns are available as well.

  • New Feature: Lower pull-point for intense action

This mean-looking lure is the newest mutation from Rapala. This Rapala V-Blade is versatile, meaning that it can be cast, jigged, bounced, and more. Rapala states, “There is no wrong way to fish it.” Additionally, it’s lipless and comes in three different color variations.

  • New Feature: More versatile than ever before

Make Your Own Fishing Lure

Maybe you’re in a pinch or your New Year’s resolution is to make more things with your hands. Whatever the case is, this make-shift fishing lure is easy to make out of something so simple, a bottle cap.

Check out this step-by-step video below on hot to make a bottle cap fishing lure.