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Best Fly Fishing Gifts 2020 | Holiday Gift Guide

by Matthew Wilson
Vidar Nordli-Mathisen from Unsplash

Whether you know a well-versed fishing pro or a rookie on the river, the holidays are the time to update their gear and make them seem like the ‘reel’-deal on the water. These gifts, suggested by Tennessee-based fly fishing expert Will Butler, are sure to wow this year.

Best Over-All Fly Fishing Holiday Gift

For those looking for a fly fishing rod with the best overall performance, look no further than the Moonshine Vesper High-Performance Fly Rod. Not to mention the Vesper features a sleek design with a moderate-fast and fast action for best performance. The rod is made of high-modulus nano-matrix graphite, is lightweight and also well balanced. To match, the TiSiC stripping guides are made of titanium.

Price: $449.00

Best Stocking Stuffer for Your Favorite Fly Fisherman

Sunshades aren’t only stylish, but they also protect your eyes from glare when out in the middle of the stream. The Smith Lowdown Steel ChromaPop Sunglasses make for the perfect stocking stuffer for that fisherman in your life. The lightweight frames are polarized and also have an anti-reflective coating. The water has never seemed clearer.

Price: $167.20

Best Rod for Beginners

While you should definitely consider the Moonshine Vesper, one of these other rods would also make a great gift for that fly-fisherman in your life.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and why not start flyfishing with the Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod. The rod is perfect for beginners and is also cost-effective for those looking to save money. The four-piece rod set is made of copper anodized hardware and also cork grips. Additionally, the rod comes with its own hard canvas case.

Price: $199.00

Best High-End Flyfishing Rod

Meanwhile, the Scotts G Series 4wt Fly Rod is for an avid fly-fisherman. The Scotts G Series is on the higher-end of flyfishing rods. But the rod is made of high quality and innovation with a hollow internal ferrule. The rod is both more flexible, stronger, and also 20% lighter. Once you use a Scotts G Series rod, you may never want to fish with anything else.

Price: $845

Best Holiday 2020 Fly-Fishing Reels

Every fishing rod also needs a reel. Outsider put together some of the best and cost-effective fishing reels currently on the market.

The Ross Reels Gunnison Fly Reel is a quality, mid-range reel that will get the job done. According to its company website, the reel has garnered a reputation for its indestructibility and also reliability. The Gunnison is perfect for any weather conditions, whether that’s sunshine, rain, or also snow.

Price: $395.00 

Fishing rods should be stored either when on the go or after fishing. The Rod & Reel Vault from Simms offers great storage for all your fishing needs. Additionally, it’s compact and easily portable. The Vault holds up to six four-piece rods and also eight reels. Each is separated by dividers as well as internal straps.

Price: $199.95

It’s difficult to find a more refined fishing reel than the VAYA series. The design alone screams elegance and efficiency. On the higher end of reels, the VAYA series comes in 4/5, 5/6, and 7/8 line + yards of backing. The fishing reel doesn’t need a counterweight with a precision balanced design and also a multi-disk drag system. The 7/8 design is for sale on Amazon with a reel case as well.

Price: $625.00

Best Clothing, Gear for Fly Fishing

With winter barreling upon us, any fisherman wouldn’t be caught stepping outside, much less into a stream without a jacket. For those cold winter days, the Howler Brothers’ MERLIN JACKET provides warmth and is also resistant to water. The jacket is lined with thermal insulation that is sure to keep body heat in and the cold out.

Price: $199.00

If you’re going to trudge through water and mud, you need a good pair of boots to do so. Fortunately, the Simms series of boots have you covered. For sale on their website, the G3 Guide Wading Boots feature both waterproof leather and also scratch-resistant rubber. The footwear is currently selling for $249.95.

Meanwhile, a similar pair from the same brand, the Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots is on sale on Amazon for $169.95. Likewise, those boots are waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Price: $169.95 – $249.95

Unlike different forms of fishing, flyfishing gets you up close and personal with the water. A decent wader will make sure you or your fellow fisherman remain warm and dry.

The Simms series of waders are both quality and affordable. The Simms G4 Pro Waders is on the high end and is one of the brand’s most durable waders. It is selling for $749.95, and while the price is steep, the quality is unbeatable. This option available on Amazon though, the Simms Men’s Tributary Stockingfoot Waterproof Chest Fishing Wader is more affordable. It is currently selling for $179.95. Overall, the Simm’s brand wader is a good bet, no matter your budget.

Price: $179.95 – $749.95

Best Bag and Pack for Gear On-The-Go

Of course, any fisherman needs a bag to take your bait (and possibly beers) on your outdoor adventure. While Yeti’s soft Hopper style cooler is far from practical with its huge size, but lack of inside space and usability, the brand’s “Panga Submersible Duffel” is absolutely incredible.

This Yeti Panga duffel guarantees to be 100% dry, no matter what weather conditions you face or how deep you explore into the water. It’s airtight and is reliable on river trips while being easy and practical to carry.

  • Features shoulder straps and quick-grab handles around the body for a portable, easy user experience.
  • No fear dropping this bad boy into the water with its ThickSkin shell and Hydrolock zipper, everything inside is sure to stay dry and impenetrable.
  • Perfect from fishing on the water to paddle-boarding to boating on the waves, this bag is sure to wow this holiday season.
  • Our resident fly fisherman, Will Butler swears by this bag, saying it is unquestionably one of his favorite fly fishing gifts.

Price: $299.99 – $399.99

Of course, all gift-givers need options and this similarly submersible bag by Simms is a great choice. This bag also locks in dryness to protect all your fishing gear and has a cushioned shoulder strap to ensure comfortable wear.

  • This includes interior stretch mesh storage pockets that offer easy access to tools on the go.
  • Simms is a brand by fishing geniuses, so this bag fits your needs: it includes a net holster, ready to scoop up fish whenever necessary.

Price: $229.95

Speaking of nets… Here are our 2 go tos:

Best Back and Boat Nets

This Rising Fish Stubby Lunker Net is another one of Butler’s favorites. Not only does it come in an array of colors, so you can personalize the gift to your best ability, but it’s also a perfect middle size between two other Rising Fish nets. This is the newest size, a hybrid between the brand’s Brookie and Lunker Net. The outcome of the mix of nets gives a large net with a shorter handle, making the overall product much more travel-friendly and easy to attach to a pack.

  • Cap at the bottom of the handle offers waterproof storage for small belongings – or yes, the website offers it as a “streamside flask.”
  • Including the 10″ handle, the net is 33.5″ long
  • Not only does the aluminum come in 8 options, but the netting is also available in both black or the more “fish-friendly,” near-invisible clear.

Price: $159.00

This FishPond Nomad Fly Fishing Boat Net is another gift that is sure to impress this season. It’s strong for small and large fish while being lightweight and durable. The net is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass.

  • All Nomad nets come with a standard storage rubber bag
  • These nets are waterproof, UV protected, and float on the water.

Price: $239.95

Best Nippers – Another Great Bet to Fill Stockings

Another incredible stocking stuffer option, these Orvis nippers are sure to excite whoever you gift them to. The brand’s website prides the product for adding a mechanical advantage to any fishing trip, and it’s made in the USA, strong aluminum.

These have a piano-style hinge, replaceable cutter and anvil, and ergonomic contour. All in all, the Orvis nippers ensure easy cutting and enhanced function. It’s an award-winning accessory that is a sure win.

  • Includes hook eye needle, stainless steel rotating cleaner.
  • Affordable and practical.
  • Made in the USA!!

Price: $79.00

Best Fly Line for 2020 Holidays

Of course, any fly fisherman needs a reliable line. You can’t go wrong with any option by Scientific Angler. The brand has a wide variety, so you can make your gift-giving as unique and specific as the one fisherman you are giving to.

Options on the site give you specifics to choose from:

  • Water type options
  • Fly fishing type: dries, indicators, nymphs, poppers, streamers, euro
  • Weight (yes, a HUGE range on this)
  • Line length
  • Plus, prices range, giving you options whether you want to dish out some big bucks or refrain from breaking the bank.

Price: $14.95 – $129.95

Best Gift for Fishing and All Water Adventures

The list wouldn’t be complete without a paddleboard suggestion. This inflatable board is unbeatable and sure to bring fun to your fishing trip.

This Bote paddleboard gives stability for on-the-water adventures and comes with an adjustable paddle and storage bag. It’s practical for both fishing adventures and any fun expeditions on the water.

Price: $1,499.00

Best Gift for the Whole Family

This gift is without a doubt a win-win. Yes, it’s wife-approved, kid-approved, everybody-in-the-family-even-the-inlaws-approved.

Here at Outsider, we live by the notion that shared experiences build community and bonding. Shared experiences and memories outside are richer than any material gift you can give, so this without a doubt the best thing that could figuratively fit under the tree this year.

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures offers day trips as well as full vacations all around the world, giving the gift family-time together (and the fisherman you love some time on the water). The company offers both destination and specialty trips, as well as day trips, so there is an option for everyone.

Fly fishing day trips include explorations in Belize, Mexico, and Montana, offering unbeatable views and lasting memories.

The destination trips are unbeatable with both salt and freshwater options. Locations include Australia, Costa Rica, Dubai, Bolivia, Tanzania as well as many more. Destinations in America are available too: Louisiana, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho all have Yellow Dog Adventures available.

Furthermore, the best news about the whole thing? The site has some awesome specials going on now.

Pro-Tip: Choose a trip you want to go on and easily phrase it as an experience gift for your fisher. It’s a WIN-WIN.

Price: Lots of variation depending on location, length of trip.

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