How to Fish At the Best Times Using Lunar Fishing Calendars

by Clayton Edwards

Every fisherman has experienced a fruitless day on the water. You spend hours on the bank or boat throwing every lure in your box and get nothing. Some days the peace of being on the water barely outweighs the disappointment of going home empty-handed. It’s important to know when to hit the water. One way to do this is to consult Solunar calendars to plan your next fishing trip.

It doesn’t matter what gear you’re using or how well you know an area. If the fish aren’t biting, they just aren’t biting. Knowing when they’re more likely to be on the move is a great way to know when to hit the water. Some believe that the phases of the moon and its movement have a big effect on fish activity.

So, let’s take a look at what Solunar calendars are and how you can use them to get an edge on your next fishing trip.

What Is a Solunar Calendar?

Basically, Solunar Calendars help track the movement of the sun and moon and their effect on the movement of fish. John Allen Knight developed The Solunar Theory on which the calendars are based. In the mid-20s, he took all of the fishing folklore he picked up in Florida and started the process of finding out what was actually accurate.

Of all the things that he was told would affect the behavior of fish, he narrowed it down to three factors: sunrise and sunset, moon phase, and tides. He developed the theory based on those three things. Hunters and anglers around the world still use the Solunar Theory and calendars today. You can use them, too.

You can track the sun and moon over time and learn the simple mathematical formulas you need to make your own calendar. However, if you don’t feel up the that, you don’t need to do so.

Not a Catch-All Solution

You can find Solunar Calendars in several apps or online. All you need to do is enter your location and what you’ll be hunting or fishing for and the calendar will tell you what days are best.

Even though they are usually pretty accurate there are other factors that you’ll want to take into account. For fishing, you’ll want to make note of the water and air temperature as well as the barometric pressure. Just because the moon and sun are working in your favor doesn’t mean that the rest of the conditions will. However, if you’ve got a stretch of good weather and consult a Solunar calendar to help plan your fishing trip, you’re on the right track to catch your fill and then some.