Photo: Illinois Fisherman Breaks State Record With Massive Burbot Fish

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, an Illinois fisherman broke the state record when he caught an enormous burbot fish, which was also the first time he has ever caught that particular specimen.

The angler, Luc van Brenk, hooked the huge burbot during a fishing trip to Diversey Harbor. The record-setting fish is reportedly around five ounces heavier than the previous titleholder. His catch weighed in at 9 pounds, 11 ounces. In 2018, the previous record holder’s catch weighed in at around 9 pounds, 6 ounces.

In fact, van Brenk said that he’s friends with another previous record holder for burbot fish in the state. However, his friend lost his record to the 2018 catch.

Illinois Angler Awaiting Official Record Confirmation

The fisherman is glad his friend, Thomas Krysciak, joined him on the fishing trip since he helped van Brenk with the catch. As van Brenk reeled in his massive burbot, Krysciak netted the fish. The two friends took the catch to nearby Park Bait Co. in Montrose Harbor to have it weighed. According to van Brenk, the store got excited as it weighed its first possible record-breaking fish.

Park Bait Co. shared photos of the record-setting burbot fish on its Facebook page. The company called the catch a “beautiful” fish, adding that it measured 32.6 inches long and that they used certified scales for their weight and length measurements.

An Illinois Department of Resources biologist has signed off on the specifics of the fish, according to van Brenk. Additionally, van Brenk has filled out all necessary paperwork for the record books and is now waiting for an official confirmation on his prized catch.

Previous to the record-setting catch, the two friends agreed they would eat a burbot fish if they caught one. According to van Brenk, he says he’s never eaten burbot. But, Krysciak described it as “poor man’s lobster,” and said it’s cooked the same way.

Once the fishermen realized they had a record catch, plans of eating the burbot changed. The angler decided to mount the fish instead, even though it meant van Brenk still hasn’t had the chance to eat a fish he now holds a state record for catching.

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