Tarpon Toys with Fishermen, Jumps Clean Over Boat in Viral Video

by Jon D. B.

Ever see a tarpon completely clear a boat and make an absolute fool of two pro anglers? Now you can.

Why do we get the feeling this mammoth of a fish is a lot smarter than we’d give him credit for?

The astounding, and hilarious, clip comes courtesy of Sam Root. Root, a self-professed “Global Hunter of life experiences,” also describes himself as an “Acquisitioner of media. Connoisseur of knowledge. Based in Miami, Florida,” on his Instagram account.

One glance at his profile shows the man is an avid and skillful angler. He’s amassed quite a following from fellow fisherfolk, too, with over 35.5k followers.

But enough chit-chat. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Root agrees.

“Six month at the gym… Now even the tarpon are checking me out,” he captions his original footage. “@Petemaina is fighting a fish and this rogue tarpon decided to join the party by jumping over my boat,” Root continues. An apt, if somewhat less exciting, description.

Check out the freak fish flyby below:

Youch – what a whiffer! This tarpon clearly has zero interest in being caught. He’s much more interested in making a fool of these two anglers, it looks like.

Fantastic Tarpon Facts

For our more curious fishermen, the tarpon above is most likely an Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus). Also known as “The Silver King”, these enormous ray-finned fish are mainly found along coastlines, as well as within lagoons, estuaries, and some rivers. Sticking to tropical and subtropical climates, the Atlantic tarpon are a popular target for Florida & Gulf fishermen. Curiously, however, they have been documented as far north as Nova Scotia, and as far south as Argentina.

As for the fish themselves, their diet largely includes smaller fish species and crustaceans when they can get them. For reproduction, tarpon species will mate and spawn at sea, as with all Elopiformes.

To fisherman, though, the tarpon will forever hold the reputation of remarkable acrobats – as seen in the footage below. This, alongside their incredible size and armor-like scales, makes them a prized trophy fish, but not much to sing home about on the plate.

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