Texas Angler Hauls Massive Record-Breaking ‘Meanmouth’ Bass Hybrid

by Halle Ames

A Texas fisherman may have just broken a work record for the massive Meanmouth bass hybrid he landed. 

Maybe you haven’t heard of a Meanmouth bass. That’s okay. It’s the hybrid of a Largemouth bass and a Smallmouth bass resulting in the rare fish. Personally, a medium-mouth sounds more fitting, but that’s just our opinion.

Landing the Bass

Regardless, the angler can almost proudly say they set a new International Game Fish Association (IGFA) fishing world record with a 7.60-pound Meanmouth bass, reports BroBible. 

And who is this fishing fanatic, the record reeler, bass boss? Outdoor Life notes that person as Texas fishing guide Wyatt Frankens.

Frankens hooked the massive fish on March 1, on the O.H. Ivie Reservoir, which is a reservoir on the Colorado and Concho Rivers on the eastern edge of West Texas.

Once the bass was safely in the boat and gawked at, Frankens handed his prized catch over to a biologist at Texas Parks & Wildlife. Here, they reveal that the fish wasn’t a Smallmouth bass as the anglers had thought, but the rare hybrid. Once declared the Meanmouth, the Texas State record was within grasp. 

Time to Brag!

Wyatt Frankens took to social media to share photos of the sizeable fish, which he initially had mistaken for a Smallmouth bass.

“At a loss for words…. I just caught the pending smallmouth lake record at O.H. Ivie!! She was 23 inches long, had a 17 1/2 inch girth, and weighed 7.60lbs on a certified scale! An absolute beast of a smallmouth! Crazy part is @shaine.campbell had just caught another 7lb smallmouth right before me, and I just happened to catch one a little bigger an hour later I might get fired now.”

Record Setting?

After speaking with the biologist, Frankens filled out his paperwork to the IGFA, who certifies all fishing world records.

According to the article, biologists first discovered the Meanmouth bass hybrid in 1960 in the midwestern state of Illinois. Since then, the fish has been stocked into a few lakes, but not the one Frankens was fishing at. So the odds of catching the unique first were already low. 

IGFA is projected to announce the new world record soon. However, the association currently has an 8-pound, 8 oz Meanmouth bass caught in Oklahoma in 2006 listed as the existing world record.

We are curious to see what the IGFA will do in this situation. Regardless of a record, that is a massive fish for the trophy wall! Congratulations Wyatt!