Texas Anglers Haul in Two More Jaw-Dropping Bass in Tournaments

by Will Shepard

Texas anglers are delivering some massive days recently. Two anglers in different tournaments won the top prize based on their unbelievable single catches.

The two Texas anglers, Derek Mundy and Daniel Ramsey, both caught extraordinary fish this past weekend (Jan. 30-31). Mundy got a largemouth bass that was 13.62 pounds and Ramsey got one that was 13.07 pounds.

Mundy was fishing in the Toyota Series Southwest Division Tournament on Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Ramsey was fishing in the Media Bass Tournament on Lake Palestine. Both of these fish earned the anglers’ wins in their divisions.

Texas Anglers Break the 13-Pound Mark In Their Respective Tournaments

In Texas, breaking the 13-pound mark is almost a guarantee for winning a bass tournament. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Toyota ShareLunker Program has a special request for 13-pound bass.

First, they call these fish “Legacy Class.” This means that they will take the fish during the breeding season, January to March, and use them for breeding purposes. This helps promote the growth of bigger largemouth bass.

This is common for biologists to help stocking programs around Texas. So, the two Texas anglers bass mark the third and fourth fish falling in that legacy category. Interestingly, this equals the total for the 2020 season.

Mundy spoke to a local ABC station about his largemouth bass. He is certainly happy to help contribute to the growth of Texas’ bass population.

“It was a really neat experience being able to donate the fish to the incredible ShareLunker program. It’s great that Texas Parks and Wildlife works this hard to put high-quality fish in the lakes.”

He notes that he caught the fish on his third cast using crankbait. Additionally, he got two more largemouths that came in at 7.5 pounds each to win the tournament. He also says that he didn’t even know how cool his catch was until he was examing the fish in his livewell later on.

Big Largemouth Bass Like These Are Not Common

Daniel Ramsey also spoke to the ABC station about his massive bass. The Texas angler notes that he caught a similar fish last year.

“I was within five feet of where I caught the 12.65-pounder. I set the hook and got her to the boat and couldn’t believe what I had just done.”

He also says that the fish was so big that he could hardly reel it in. He continues, saying that he immediately knew the fish was a big one, and that the fish was “like a mini school bus.”

Catching largemouth bass over 13 pounds is extremely rare. As ShareLunker says, “Out of the millions of bass anglers in Texas, only a select few have ever crossed the 13-pound threshold.”

The other two “Legacy Class” fish caught this year by Texas anglers was by Travis Moore with a 13.44-pound bass. The other bass was 13.02 pounds from CJ Oates.