Trawler Fisherman Pull in an Entire Boat as an Insane ‘Catch of the Day’

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo By: Mikhail Ognev / EyeEm/ Getty Image)

A crew aboard a trawler fishing vessel believed they had certainly made their catch of the day, but little did they know the surprising catch awaiting them.

What Lies Beneath?

Off the coast of Australia, fishermen on a trawler felt a heavier weight than usual while pulling up their net. At first, they believed they had made an amazing catch of the day with an abundance of fish waiting for them to haul to the surface.

They were surprised to find their catch was a fishing boat they had stumbled upon at the bottom of the ocean.

“You’re the trawler skipper and the net feels heavy,” the Coast Guard stated. “This is going to be a good haul.”

It was a good haul, but not the type of haul anyone would be expecting.

Although the net felt much heavier than usual, the trawler-skipper realized even with a massive load of fish, the weight couldn’t possibly equal out to what had become entangled in the net.

20 nautical miles off Mooloolaba in Queensland, the crew resurrected a fishing boat from the depths of the sea, as reported Friday on Facebook by Coast Guard Mooloolaba QF6.

A Definite “Catch of the Day”

The Facebook post described the trawler’s discovery as the “Catch of the Day” and was even able to identify who the boat belonged to.

“Remember in August when we rescued the two fishermen whose boat sank 20 nautical miles off Mooloolaba? Bet they thought they’d never see it again,” the Facebook post read.

“Well not until the trawler’s catch of the day was their boat. Hauled up, refloated, and brought back to Mooloolaba, it now sits a bit the worse for wear at the Water Police pontoon,” the post continues. “What are the odds of that happening?

In fact, the odds are quite slim. However, the trawler skipper and his crew without a doubt have a “big fish” story they can tell for years to come.