WATCH: Gaudy Fisherman Disgustingly Chugs Bourbon Out of Dead Fish

by Jon D. B.

“WHY” seems more apt… And if you’re curious why “bourbon fish” is trending, this brainless chap would be it, instead of a fine recipe.

Disclaimer: if you’re fishing to use the corpse of an animal in this fashion, then you’re fishing for the wrong reasons. We can’t all be winners, though, can we? At least, not with this guy around.

TikTok is once again housing the latest viral video, and as is often the case – it’s one that shouldn’t exist. Yet here we are, in 2021, and an Australian man is chugging a can of bourbon from the carcass of a fish. You read that right.

Thankfully, 99% of viewers seem to be in deep disgust after watching. Which does, at least, restore some needed faith in humanity. Regardless, the 15-second, boat-bound clip features a shirtless meatpuppet fondling a perfectly fine catch. Or it would be, if he didn’t spend his 15 seconds of fame cramming a can of bourbon into said fish before cracking the top open.

What follows is a sturdy course in what not to do as a human. The man proceeds to lift the dead fish above his head, then chug the bourbon through its mouth.

“This is called the fishy,” an off-camera voice with a heavy Australian accent shouts. This, of course, is met by cheering from their mates onboard. Ah, so we have a boat-full of winners. Fantastic.

‘Bourbon Fish’ Man Gives Anglers a Bad Name

The video, which is quickly approaching 1 million views, is prompting all sorts of headlines. Most are fiercely and fittingly damning of the behavior.

“Sick behaviour: Disgust after man drinks bourbon from fish,” Yahoo‘s Australia branch tweets above, retweeted by the appropriately named Protect All Wildlife.

As any angler or hunter will tell you, both go hand in hand with wildlife conservation. Or they should, if not for gaudy gents like this. From this wildlife tech & conservationist, I feel it’s always worth noting that the overwhelming majority of fishermen and hunters are fine conservationists. If you’re here from outside these realms, please see this man for what he is: the vast minority.

“No class”, “gross”, “disrespectful”, “not cool” and “disgusting” are among the titles the man is receiving on line. Color us shocked.

“I’m not an animal activist, but that’s just wrong,” Yahoo cites of one person.

“Bit disrespectful, I took your life, now let me drink beer from you,” another adds.

Now quick, find all the upstanding anglers in your life and ask them for the best “bourbon fish” recipes they know.