WATCH: Making a Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

by Will Shepard

There aren’t too many things better in life than making your own gear. For many people, the simple things in life are the best. Catching a fish on a lure you made with your own hands has got to be one of these top moments.

Whether you’re 5-years old learning how to make a lure from your parents, or you’re 85-years-old perfecting the homemade lure, it’s all the same feeling.

So, for those that don’t already make lures at home, it is surprisingly easy to make one from just a bottle cap and a few items found in almost any tackle box. The steps are simple, straightforward, and easy to follow.

All you need are a drill, needle-nose pliers, and a drill bit – a 1/16th bit works best. You’ll also need some treble hooks, swivels, split rings, split shot (or BB’s), and most importantly, an aluminum glass bottle cap.

Following the instructions in the video above, this is an incredibly inexpensive, effective lure that will certainly catch fish. But first, the construction of the lure is important.

Easy Steps to Make the Lure

These steps are easy to follow and fairly risk-free as long as you take care with the treble hook. To start, take the bottle cap and drill holes directly across from each other on the side of the cap.

Next, put a split ring in each of the holes. Then fold the cap in half, but only after you’ve put in a few split shot or BB’s to help the lure sink. Make certain that the cap is closed tightly so that the weights can’t slip out and pollute the water.

Finally, take the treble hook and put it on one of the swivel hooks, and place the swivel on the other. That’s it! Those are all the steps to get your rod rigged up with a homemade lure.

At the end of the day though, this is an activity to get you outside fishing. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you follow the steps to a tee, but rather that you enjoy the activity. The satisfaction of fishing with something you made is enjoyment enough, but hopefully you will catch some nice bass on this lure and make the experience even more rewarding.

Moreover, these could turn into some awesome stocking stuffers (please put them in a box so you don’t skewer a finger with a hook). It’s even possible to make each lure personalized by using your friends’ own bottle caps. However, if you decide that for whatever reason, making a lure isn’t for you, check out our recommendations for more lures.