Florida Angler ‘Stunned’ After Reeling In Two Mangrove Snapper on One Hook

by Amy Myers

You’ve heard of two birds and one stone, but have you heard of two snappers and one hook? This Florida angler coined the new term when he wrangled in two of the prized fish while off the coast of Ponce Inlet. The lucky fisherman by the name of Robert Bush Senior was “stunned” by the unlikely occurrence during his trip. Using shrimp as bait, the Floridian never expected to reel in his line to find two gray mangrove snappers on the hook.

While the catch was surely impressive, it’s possible the two snappers didn’t meet the necessary requirements for Bush to keep. After snapping a photo, the law-abiding fisherman then released the scaly duo back into the Atlantic Ocean.

Florida Fish and Wildlife shared Bush’s rare accomplishment with fans and followers on Facebook. Check out his catch in the photo below.

Meanwhile, fellow Florida anglers praised Bush for his snag, amazed at his luck. The state’s wildlife department encouraged others to share some of their own bizarre “fish tales” which led to a few other interesting anecdotes. One follower shared the reverse story of Bush’s – one fish on two hooks.

“Never cought [sic] 2 on 1 hook but have cought [sic] 1 on 2 hooks, using a double hook drop rig had a black sea bass somehow get both hooks in his mouth, circle hooks and tied just over a foot apart,” the fisherman explained.

Similarly, another follower found themselves fighting another angler on their boat for the same fish.

“For what it’s worth, my daughter and I hooked the same ladyfish under the boat. We both thought we hooked a monster as we each pulled from opposite sides of the boat,” the Florida angler wrote.

Australia Native Snags Similar Catch as Florida Angler

Even if you can’t bring the two fish back home, being able to brag about catching two fish on a single hook is worth the lost bait. A testament to your luring skills, a photo of the rare occurrence is almost as good as the mount itself. Further south, an Australian man shared the same victory as the Florida angler.

Mikey Cunningham frequently shares his fishing trials with fans on his YouTube channel, and many times, he’s on the gorgeous teal waters of the Arafura Sea off the coast of the Northern Territory. This time, though, it wasn’t “another fishing story.”

While barramundi fishing, as soon as Cunningham’s lure hits the bottom, he gets a bite. After a short fight, the angler revealed two fish, one significantly larger than the other, on the end of his line. The larger was a cod and the other smaller fish was unidentified.

“Two fish on one hook,” the angler said in disbelief. “I’ve not done that before.”