Florida Bald Eagle Eggs Near Hatching: How to Watch the Magical Event

by Matthew Memrick
Getty Images

Hatch watch is here, and you can check out some Florida bald eagles right before they take part in the magical hatching event.

The American Eagle Foundation has set up cameras for two upcoming Northeast Florida bald eagle chicks. Fox News reported on the forthcoming hatchings. As of Sunday night, the foundation’s Twitter account has not posted any updates, so you still may be able to catch the event.

Last week, foundation community coordinator Crystal Slusher told Fox News Digital that the cameras started rolling on Friday. However, volunteers “will be closely watching these next few days just in case anything happens sooner.”

In only the past 30 days, the nest cam has picked up more than 2 million views of its birds. Near 7:30 p.m., the live camera feed gave a close-up look at one egg by Sunday night. 

“This is always a special time of the nesting season for us and our viewing community,” she added.

The bald eagle population is increasing after a stint on the endangered species list back in 1967. But bullets left by hunters have hurt the population in the past few years. The United States made the bald eagle the national bird back in 1782

Nest Camera At Undisclosed Location

Slusher and her group have nicknamed the eagle nest “The Hamlet.” It is high in the branches of a slash pine in Northeast Florida.

Sure, the nest’s specific location is secret. But all you have to do is watch from your computer or smartphone. The high-definition cameras mounted on the tree have multiple angles for fans.

The foundation has watched dad Samson before. That particular bald eagle was born in the same nest in 2013. Now, he’s bonded with a female bald eagle named Gabrielle. The two bonded in 2019 and are going through a third nesting season with a few past successes.

Gabrielle laid her two eggs back on Dec. 17 and Dec. 29. For now, they’re named NE26 and NE27. Why the name? Well, that’s the total number of eggs laid at “The Hamlet.” The foundation will come up with names after the hatchings.

Daily visitor Gretchen Butler told Fox News that the male bald eagle “chose a great mate.” Butler, who’s monitored the nest for 15 years, also said the couple’s bond had only become stronger over the past three years.   

Eaglets Take Time To Hatch

Samson and Gabrielle’s kids should be here soon. Researchers say a small egg hole or “pip” should have happened Friday. But then, it takes 24 to 48 hours or even longer for an eaglet to pop out of its shell.

Thanks to a partnership with country music legend Dolly Parton in 1990, the American Eagle Foundation created the United States Eagle Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The foundation had a chat feature with its live webcams. On Jan. 18, the group thanked visitors for coming to the feed. They asked spectators to keep their “eyes on the nest, and keep yourselves healthy and safe.”