Florida Cousins Capture 16-Foot Python on Their Property

by Will Shepard

Florida people strike again doing crazy things. It seems that almost daily, something crazy comes out of Florida. This time is extra special, though, as two Florida cousins caught a monster python.

The two Florida cousins say that they caught a 16-foot long, 300-pound Burmese python near their house. The two guys reportedly got in a tangle with the snake on their property near Tampa.

The enormous Burmese python is a record-setting snake. In fact, it is the biggest snake ever to be seen or caught in Zolfo Springs, Florida. The two guys got on the snake almost immediately.

After Aaron Brown saw the snake on the side of the road he began tracking it. He also called his cousin, William Wilkerson, to come to help him capture the snake.

Two Florida Cousins Tangle With a Massive Burmese Python

The two Florida cousins describe the epic entanglement with the snake in an epic tale. The two began talking to a local news station about the fight with the python afterward. Wilkerson describes seeing the snake in the interview.

“Once we got him pulled out, it was like, ‘My God! What a snake!'”

But, the story begins before the two Floridan cousins got the snake home to take pictures with it. After tracking the snake for a second, the two guys shot and hooked the snake.

But, once the two had done so, they quickly learned that the snake was massive. After measuring the snake, the two discovered that it was 16 feet and four inches long and weighed hundreds of pounds.

“We measured him and laid him down and the two kids down beside him to get a rough idea and ended up finding a tape measure.”

After getting him out, a snake hunter came to take the snake to be skinned. According to the report on the two Florida cousins’ python, there were at least 100 eggs inside the snake.

“We are down in the Everglades trying to stop these pythons from migrating further north in all directions. Hopefully, this is a rogue snake, and they haven’t migrated this far north. These boys stopped an invasion by eliminating a big breeding snake like that.” 

Altogether this is an incredible story that sheds light on how dangerous pythons in the south can be. Thankfully, with the help of people like these to Florida cousins, the snakes are getting caught.