Florida Driver Dies After Crashing Into 11-Foot Gator

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

A Florida man has died after his vehicle crashes into a huge 11-foot-long alligator along a Florida Roadway Thursday. According to authorities, 59-year-old John Hopkins was driving along County Road 672 in Lithia Florida during the early morning hours. Then, the eastbound vehicle collides with a massive reptile which was sitting in the middle of the roadway.

Florida Driver Collides With Gator In Deadly Crash

The Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office notes that John Hopkins’ car drove off the road upon impact with the humongous alligator. The vehicle then overturned, landing in a nearby ditch. A passing driver spotted the wreckage of Hopkins’s car, calling 9-1-1. Both Hopkins and the alligator suffered fatal injuries in the shocking incident. Hopkins was pronounced dead at the scene.

Florida Has An Estimated Alligator Population To Be Over a Million Across the State’s 67 Counties

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state of Florida has an alligator population estimated to be around 1.3 million. These alligators are located all across the state, in all 67 counties. The alligator in question measures in at a monster 11 feet long.

However, this massive beast is still dwarfed by the longest ever recorded gator in the state. The longest alligator ever recorded in Florida measures 14 feet, 3 1/2 inches. The heaviest alligator in the state weighs 1,043 pounds, according to state officials.

Florida Driver’s Crash Remains Part Of An Ongoing Investigation, Including Determining Where the Alligator Originally Came From

Florida officials note that an investigation into the deadly crash remains ongoing. Officials also note that they may be releasing recorded footage of the incident as the deputies arrive at the crash at a later date.

Officials note that it remains unclear as to where the alligator came from before the fatal collision. However, the crash site does sit about 2 miles away from a Florida state park, known to house alligators. The 6,132 acre Alafia River State Park is a well-known location where alligators are often spotted.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Catch 6′ and 7′ Alligators After Responding To Attack On Pitbull

During a call to a Florida college campus earlier this month, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission removed two alligators; one measuring 6 feet, 9 inches long. The other measures 7 feet 10 inches long. The call came earlier this month when reports came that an alligator had taken a 50-pound pitbull at the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota in Venice campus. An alligator trapper removed both alligators from the area after the calls came in.