Florida Gator Chomps Down on Remote Boat During Race

by Michael Freeman

Hearing about a Florida gator isn’t out of the ordinary, but it appears nothing is safe when entering the waters there. While controlling a remote boat in some floodwater, a man unintentionally went alligator fishing, with the beast chomping on the boat and taking it underwater.

Daily Mail reports Alex Laughlin decided to make use of the heavy rain in the area before a drag racing event. The appropriately named Gatornationals drag racing event saw a delay on Friday, March 11, which prompted Laughlin to kill time by piloting the remote control boat in nearby floodwater. Initially having fun, the Top Fuel driver’s joy soon turned to terror as an alligator decided to spoil his fun, snagging the boat in its mouth. The best part is the whole thing was caught on video.

“It’s a Friday rainout here at the Gatornationals and my trip to Wally-World for the RC boats and rain boots made the day!” Laughlin said, recalling the event. “There’s about a 5-6ft GATOR in the water beside our pit area where I was driving my sweet new ride. Well… Mr. Gator decided to cruise over and EAT MY BOAT!!!”

Miraculously, the boat floated back to the surface seconds later from under the water. “It snagged it, looked me dead in the eye, and slowly lowered itself like a submarine, then about 10 seconds later the boat porpoised back to the surface!” he continued. “I drove the boat back to the shoreline and it’s good to go!”

As it turns out, this was the most exciting thing to happen that weekend. The heavy rain-delayed qualifying for two-and-a-half days there. When things finally commenced, Laughlin, unfortunately, lost in the first elimination round.

At least his remote boat went against the alligator and came out on top.

Alligator Intrudes on Florida High School’s Swim Practice by Entering their Pool

Hearing about a Florida gator swimming in flooded areas or other bodies of water isn’t uncommon, but a high school there recently experienced something odd. When the swim team went to the pool to begin practice, they were treated to an alligator intruder.

The Lake Country Sheriff’s Office detailed the incident in a Facebook post on March 11. “DFC Faust and Deputy Brownsberger responded to a call at Montverde Academy in reference to a 3-foot alligator that had decided to try out for the swim team, preventing the actual swim team from practicing,” the post reads.

Luckily, Faust and Brownsberger devised a way to safely capture the small gator. Brownsberger used a safety hook to bring it to the edge of the pool where Faust reached down and scooped it up. They then secured its mouth with electric tape and temporarily detained it. Safely transporting it to Lake Apopka, they released it there, with neither party experiencing any injuries.

Nonetheless, I’m betting the swim team will think twice before jumping into the pool anytime soon.