Florida Kids Help Save Life of Bald Eagle Found With Fish Hook Piercing Beak

by Matthew Wilson

Two kids come to the rescue of America’s symbol of freedom. They rescued a bald eagle that had tangled with someone’s fishing line in Florida.

The bald eagle had wrapped itself in the fishing line with the hook also piercing its beak. Not knowing what to do, the kids took the injured bird to the Pasco County Fire Rescue.

“After closer examination, firefighters realized that the eagle was underweight. A fishing hook was through his beak. And a fishing line was wrapped around his wing,” Pasco County Fire Rescue said in a Facebook post.

An Animal Rescue Also Came to the Bald Eagles Aid

The Pasco County Fire Rescue normally deals in fires, not bald eagles. But they were happy to help the kids try to save the wounded animal’s life. The firefighters called the local Owl’s Nest Sanctuary. The wildlife rescue resided in nearby Odessa and was also well-versed in helping injured birds recover.

Dianne, a volunteer from the rescue, arrived on the scene to assist the bird. Upon inspection, she determined the bald eagle experienced severe dehydration. The animal likely got tangled up in the fishing line days prior. Due to the line wrapped around its beak, the eagle had been unable to drink or eat.

Dianne transferred the bald eagle back to the wildlife rescue where they removed the fishing hook and line. Once they stabilized the bird, they transferred it to the animal care center at Busch Gardens in Tampa. That care center will closely monitor the bird’s health and also make sure it recovers fully. They then will release the eagle back into the wild so it can soar free like it should.

“Thankfully the Eagle appears in good health, and veterinarians believe that the Eagle will fully recover,” the fire department wrote. The fire department and also the community at large have hailed the two kids as heroes.