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Florida Man Catches Alligator Weighing Over 1,000 Pounds After 3 Years of Watching It

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / Contributor/ Getty Images)

A man in Florida had his eye on a massive alligator living in the river behind his house, and after three years, he caught the 1,000-pound monster.

Corey Capps is a Blountstown, Florida resident who had an unwelcome neighbor living in his backyard. The Apalachicola River, which ran behind his house, had a 1,000-pound alligator living in its murky waters. Capps had an eye on the beast for the past three years.

“Three different times in the last two months, I’ve been back there fishing, and he’s stalked me. So me and him, something was going to give between the two of us,” he said.

Capps said he first saw the massive predator as it was lounging on the riverbank. He was with his wife while on a leisurely boat ride along the water.

After three years of watching the animal, Capps and his friend Rodney Smith decided to hunt it. Smith had a state-issued alligator tag, which made it legal to hunt the beast.

The Hunt for 1,000 Pound Alligator

Capp and Smith thought it was better to be safe than sorry with the large gator, so they took a 12-foot Jon boat to go on their search, which took place on October 13.

“We went out and harpooned him…and we didn’t realize—we knew he was big, but not as big as when we pulled him up that bank. Across the top of his head was 16 inches wide,” Capps recalls.

The 12-foot Jon boat was still not long enough to haul the massive creature that ended up being over 13 feet long. Capps said that the whole process of getting him back to shore took nearly three and a half hours.

Capps plans to now mount the alligator’s front legs and head while he sold the rest of its body to a processing business in Tallahassee.

Not only was the alligator long, but once he was weighed at the recycling center in town, the men found out he weighed 1,008 pounds. This is just shy of Florida’s state record. Capps says that the animal was the biggest he has seen in his life.

Record-Holding Alligators

However, the gator champion in the heavyweight division belongs to a 1,043-pound male that was caught in Orange Lake in Alachua County. In addition, the Godzilla-like animal measured in at 13 feet and ten and a half inches long. In comparison, the longest gator caught was a male from Lake Washington in Brevard Country. It was 14-feet and three and a half inches long.