Florida Man Who Caught Gator in a Trash Can Is At it Again Catching Snakes By Hand

by Quentin Blount

All of the best stories begin with, “Florida man,” right? Well, folks, we have another one of those for you to dive into tonight.

A man who goes by the name of Bozzi in the Central Florida area has made his way back into the news. He originally won the internet over last month when he posted an insane video of him trapping an alligator in his trash bin. But more on that incident down below.

For right now, let’s focus on why Bozzi is back in the news right now. Just like the last time, the Florida man was caught on video catching another dangerous animal. Instead of it being an alligator, this time it was a huge snake. And in what is now a surprise to no one, he came outside and caught the reptile in a t-shirt, shorts, socks, and slides. Take a look at the wild footage for yourself down below:

“Damn snakes in the house and grass lol,” the Florida man captioned the clip. “#alligatorman returned to his area in the dark lol yikes.”

Just like the last time, watching a man in socks and slides catch a dangerous creature is one heck of a display. It’s no wonder why the video has racked up thousands of views since being posted. Speaking of which, it’s not surprising that so many people on social media have found the videos to be so funny.

“All in them Adidas slides 😭😭😭😭” one person commented.

“Them reptiles gone put a hit out on you 😂😂😂” another follower joked.

Same Florida Man Catches Alligator in His Trash Bin

Now, back to the original viral video that saw Bozzi catching a live alligator in his trash bin. Based on this guy’s actions, you would think that he has been living in Florida for his entire life. But the crazy thing is that he has only been living in the sunshine state for a year!

But there is no question that this man has been in his element down in Florida. Just a couple of weeks before catching a snake in his Adidas slides, he caught an alligator in his trash bin in the exact same get-up. It’s hard to believe at first glance, but you can watch the video for yourself by clicking down below:

“This is the most Florida thing I’ve seen in months,” a Twitter user captioned the clip.

“The fact that he did this in socks and slides put him in an upper-tier level of Florida men,” one person wrote in response.

And they are right. Even Adidas gave Bozzi a shoutout on social media for rocking their iconic slides while catching dangerous reptiles.