Florida Man Completely Unfazed By Alligator on Golf Course Fairway: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert

Sometimes you’ve just got to enjoy your game of golf, even if there’s an alligator on the fairway. That’s just what happened to a group of golfers in Florida, who were enjoying their game when another interested player wandered over.

The alligator doesn’t look to be mammoth proportions, maybe teenager sized, but it’s still jarring to see a gator stalking towards you on a golf course. But, in Florida, gators on the green are pretty par for the course, if you get my drift. In fact, most mini golf places keep gators in captivity and even allow you to pay to feed them something that looks like cat food. Don’t ask me why.

Either way, these Florida guys kept their cool, even with a gator right nearby. They took their shots and stayed a safe distance from the gator. Then, they moved on. Didn’t taunt the gator, didn’t try and touch it or take photos with it (that we know of). All in all, they did pretty well. Their golf game, on the other hand, I don’t know about. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt on that one, too.

Florida Alligator Kills Dog in Tallahassee

In less than favorable alligator news, earlier this month, a gator attacked and killed a dog around a public pond in Tallahassee, FL. The site of the incident was J.R. Alford Greenway Trail, where Tallahassee resident Joshua Wells would take his 40-pound black lab for walks. Wells said that his dog was sniffing around the water one minute, then being carried away by a 9-foot gator the next.

“Boom, the water just sort of exploded,” Wells said to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after the incident. “He never barked. He never saw it. It took him down like it was nothing.” Wells also claimed that he tried to wrestle his dog away from the alligator, but quickly reconsidered when he saw how big it was.

Wildlife officials tracked down the gator after the incident and found the dog’s remains in its stomach. Our sincerest RIP for Toby the black lab.

Man Mistakes Alligator for Dog, is Attacked Behind Florida Hotel

A man in Sarasota County lived to tell the tale after coming into direct contact with a gator behind his hotel in Florida. Early this month, a man mistook a shadowy figure in the bushes to be a leashed dog. He quickly learned that he was mistaken when a gator attacked, taking a bite out of his leg.

Luckily, the man survived, as a police officer was nearby and responded to the scene. Another officer was able to catch the gator and, hopefully, have it relocated away from the hotel. The man had non-life threatening injuries, and probably headed home with a cool new scar and a wacky Florida story.