Florida Man ‘Dumbfounded’ After Finding ‘Monster Alligator’ Right Outside His Front Door

by TK Sanders

A Florida man walked outside his front door last week to find a massive, 8-foot alligator waiting to greet him on his porch. Odessa’s Ed Ferraro said he heard some commotion outside his house Wednesday afternoon which he assumed must be a delivery, the New York Post reports. What he found surprised him so much that he originally thought he was being pranked.

“I got up, and I went out there to go check on what it was, and fortunately, I cracked my blinds. I just looked out there, and I saw this monster alligator on my front porch,” Ferraro said. “It definitely freaked me out. It’s not something you see every day.”

Ferraro soon realized that gator was very real, and very dangerous.

“But I then I started looking at it. I’m like, ‘Oh no, this is definitely a real, very real thing. I was just completely dumbfounded,” he said.

A concerned neighbor noticed the gator, too, and called area security, who contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Security then roped off the outdoor area to prevent other neighbors or their pets from unknowingly encountering the Florida alligator.

Ferraro said alligators often surface in lakes and ponds throughout their central Florida neighborhood, but rarely interact with humans

“Apparently this one had come from across the street. Why the alligator crossed the road? I do not know,” he laughed. Ferraro said he assumed the animal wanted to seek some shade as the temperatures continue to rise with summer approaching. He also added that animal encounters happen all the time in Florida, big and small.

“I had a bird fly into my house one time and that was a whole other experience and never anything even close to this,” Ferraro said.  “They kind of tend to keep their distance from the people in this neighborhood. They actually restock the lakes with fish to make sure that the gators have more than enough food so they don’t have to go after small pets.”

About 1.3 million alligators call Florida home across all of its 67 counties. Florida Fish and Wildlife encourages anyone who encounters a live gator, even a small one, to avoid interaction because their bites can result in serious infection. Homeowners should call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR for a contracted alligator trapper to come alleviate the situation.

After seeing the size of the Florida alligator on his front porch, Ferraro agrees wholeheartedly with the FWC.

“Just do not approach it. Do not go anywhere near it. Just leave it alone and let them be. It’s his porch at that point, just let him have it,” he joked.

And as for the gator that visited Ferraro? He slipped away back to his favorite pond before the trapper even showed up on the scene.