Florida Man Suffers ‘At Least’ Six Bites in South Beach Shark Attack

by Halle Ames

A 31-year-old man was bitten in the leg by a blacktip shark on South Beach in Florida, said Miami Beach officials.

A video that has surfaced on social media shows a man lying in the sand, surrounded by Miami Beach Ocean Rescue lifeguards. They are tending to his right leg, which is covered in blood and elevated. The video was taken near the iconic pink lifeguard stand in Miami.

One witness that did not want to be identified said he first saw the shark’s fin. He then saw the man attempting to swim away from it frantically.

“He walked out of the water, bleeding, with at least six bite marks on him,” the witness said. “Suddenly, he came out of the water. He fell down.”

Paramedics quickly took the victim to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital to address his wounds.

Due to the running of the mullet and baitfish during October, surfers, anglers, and locals all warn people in the water to be on the lookout for predators such as hungry sharks. According to a spokesperson for Miami Beach, between 5th and 15th street, officials are flying double red flags to deter people from entering the water.


Blacktip sharks are common around coastal and subtropical waters less than 100 feet deep. Although only growing to a length of around five feet, the sharks can grow aggressive when around food. The female blacktip can also give birth to up to ten pups every other year.

According to the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida, 2019 saw 64 shark attacks. Two of those attacks were fatal, however. In addition, blacktip sharks are responsible for the most shark bites in Florida.

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